X-Men Are Going To War, Led By Emma Frost & Magneto

Magneto and the White Queen are leading the X-Men to war. The world’s mutants have gathered on the living island of Krakoa, and they have found their own nation. The diplomats of the United Nations have tentatively accepted this, granted with a little telepathic persuasion by Emma Frost.

Krakoa is only a small nation, but it is a powerful one, in large part because its mutants possess phenomenal power. Forge in particular is proving useful, successfully using Krakoan organisms to create whole new technologies. Unfortunately, anti-mutant forces are becoming ever more vocal – and ever more militant. The X-Men are facing particular issues on the island of Madripoor, while Russia is emerging as a world leader in terms of developing power-neutralizing technology.

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Marvel Comics has just given AiPT Comics a preview of Marauders #10, which sees the crisis escalate. Bishop has discovered cooperation between the governments of Madripoor, Brazil, and Russia; they have established a floating factory producing power-dampening technology based on old designs produced by Forge. Emma believes these conspirators are responsible for the death of Kate Pryde, and as a result she wastes no time leading the Marauders to war. Magneto, naturally, gives her his blessing.


The X-Men’s actions are entirely understandable – but they are also very dangerous indeed. Their preemptive strike is undoubtedly an act of war, and it is being conducted spontaneously by a grieving Emma Frost, with the support of the mutant supremacist Magneto. In truth, though, it’s clear Emma doesn’t really see the need for Magneto to support her; note that she doesn’t attend the Krakoan Council herself, instead offering the preemptive strike as something of a fait accompli. She’s not the only member of the Council to have taken such an approach, with Apocalypse orchestrating the mutant conquest of Otherworld without sanction. At least Apocalypse had a plan, though; in Emma’s case, her attack on the platform is driven by grief and rage.

Emma Frost has vast resources at her disposal, including no less than two Omega Level mutants, Storm and Iceman. Though, she should still be wary; she’s attacking a platform developing power-inhibiting technology that has already been used to nullify Omegas before. As powerful as the X-Men may be, their victory is not assured. Even should they triumph, there will undoubtedly be consequences, because the alliance between Russia, Madripoor, and Brazil is just a first taste of the conflict to come. The Krakoan dream is turning into a nightmare, and there is a real risk Krakoa will become the next Genosha, site of another horrific act of genocide.

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