WWE's Undertaker & Kane Once Appeared on America's Most Wanted – Here's Why

WWE legends The Undertaker and Kane once appeared on FOX hit America’s Most Wanted, and the story behind that happening is a bit crazy. Recently, The Undertaker (real name Mark Callaway) retired after nearly 30 years of working as a WWE wrestler. While it’s true that he hasn’t been wrestling all that much each year since about 2010, Undertaker still popped up on big pay-per-view events here and there to delight longtime fans, particularly his signature show, WrestleMania. Undertaker famously went undefeated from WrestleMania VII to XXIX, before finally losing to “The Beast” Brock Lesnar in 2014.

Over the course of his long career, Undertaker’s chief rival and/or ally has been Kane (Glen Jacobs, now the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee), his storyline brother. Kane debuted in 1997, and still occasionally appears for WWE. Together, the two formed the duo The Brothers of Destruction, and luckily for the tag team ranks, they usually ended up against each other again before too long, as it was almost impossible for fans to buy them losing as a duo.

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Needless to say, at nearly 7 feet tall and about 300 pounds each, Undertaker and Kane aren’t men anyone would want after them, whether in character or out of it. If they were bounty hunters, they might well be the most feared bounty hunters on Earth, so in a way, it’s oddly appropriate that they appeared on America’s Most Wanted to try and help catch a bad guy.

The Undertaker and Kane appeared on the February 16, 2002 edition of America’s Most Wanted on FOX, hosted by John Walsh. Their appearance concerned the case of a 12-year-old boy named Darrell Vice, who – along with his father Dwight – was the victim of a brutal home invasion robbery in May 2001. Both Darrell and his father were beaten, choked, and stabbed, with Dwight being killed and Darrell being paralyzed. Brothers John Boyd and Brian Boyd were quickly apprehended and put on trial, with getaway driver Steve Howerton, who didn’t physically participate in the assault, flipping and testifying against them.

By the time the America’s Most Wanted episode rolled around, the Vices’ third assailant, Dimitrios Androutsopoulos Jr., was still at large. When it was discovered that Darrell was a big WWE fan, and of the Brothers of Destruction in particular, the show arranged for Darrell to meet his heroes, then be their special guest at a WWE event. Afterward, Undertaker and Kane recorded a message asking viewers to call in with any information they might have on Androutsopoulos. Thankfully, in 2005, he was apprehended after fleeing to his native Greece. All three men were convicted of murder and attempted murder, with the Boyds getting life, and Androutsopoulos, who was tried in Greece, receiving an unknown sentence.

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