Wonder Woman Delivers Her Most Brutal Attack (EVER?)

Well, it finally happened. Wonder Woman finally castrated a man in the pages of DC Comics in the new Green Lantern: Blackstars #2. A Manotaur, to be more specific.

While Diana has been delivering blows to her male foes’ confidence for over 70 years, this is the first time she took a blow to their nether regions with a giant sword. Of course, this attack wasn’t delivered while Wonder Woman was in her right mind. She didn’t wake up on a fine Sunday morning and decide to chop off someone’s genitals. No, the event took place in a dark time for the Justice League, as Superman is telling Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, about how “things are a mess.” It turns out he is being a bit more literal than some readers might assume…

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Particularly, Superman cites major “21st century superhero mental health issues that need to be dealt with before [they] can help people. Even Wonder Woman…” Suddenly, the reader is thrust into a shot from seemingly a minotaur’s perspective as he looks up at Diana holding a sword commanding him, “Spread your legs, tyrant bull! Here’s how I bring peace to the Nation of Humanotaurs!” And we can assume, with our knowledge of what usually happens when you mix swords and spread legs, what happens next.

Is Wonder Woman a stranger to a brutal kill or attack? No, she was trained by Amazonian warriors, after all. Famously, she beheaded Mera in the Flashpoint plot line. She’s also beheaded Medusa on a baseball field in Wonder Woman #210. In Wonder Woman #219, she snapped Maxwell Lord’s neck on live television. For the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic, she straight up murdered Huntress by snapping her neck via her signature lasso.  Of course, in most of these Wonder Woman is not exactly acting as her true self and/or she’s an alternate version of herself, but the actions are still tied to her character. So, typically, Wonder Woman seems to go for the head as her go-to brutal takedown. There’s a joke here somewhere (we probably don’t want to find it).

Nonetheless, this comic in particular seems to be addressing how superheroes need to be cared for in order to prevent them from abusing their godly powers. It’s an important lesson that comic books cover time and time again as the role of ethics is applied to those who could easily overthrow a planet if their mind was in a different place. Hopefully, we can hope that castrations aren’t Diana’s new signature takedown for the sake of readers not having to cringe constantly at the act, but we can instead hope that this is the beginning of her being taken care of and her mental health being made a priority.

Green Lantern: Blackstars #2 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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