Vanderpump Rules Fans Are Worried that Jax Has A Coke Problem

Vanderpump Rules fans are worried that Jax has a severe coke problem. The reality stars erratic behavior is raising multiple red flags for viewers.

The lovable villain of Vanderpump Rules has been breaking and melting hearts since the show’s conception back in 2013. Jax looked as if he had changed his ways as he slowly started to become a better person thanks to his Kentucky wife, Brittany Cartwright. He explained he was working out and learning to be a better person after the death of his father. But some dogs find it hard to learn new tricks.

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To many, Jax Taylor is crying out for help after recent episodes have aired of him and his vile behavior. On Tuesday’s all-new episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans watched as the bartender started to revert to his old ways. He basically threw a fit while at the photoshoot for Lisa Vanderpump and ended a 10-year-long friendship with Tom Sandoval. Taylor has recently told the cameras that he feels as if his brain is broken and it is obvious to viewers that something is going on. The 40-year-old even spoke aggressively to his wife, putting her in her place.

Fans of the Bravo show have a theory that he is using drugs. Two weeks ago, Taylor himself told Cartwright that he smoked a lot of weed, which leads him to overeat and then gain weight so he decides to take a bunch of Adderall and go to the gym. While many still believe he is just a narcissist looking for attention, some can’t help but wonder if drugs are the source behind his erratic behavior. Some fans pointed out that the symptoms he was expressing could be a form of bipolar disorder and you would not take Adderall for that. A clip was even caught off the reality star possibly doing rails off the table at his wedding.

The idea that the reality star could be suffering from a drug addiction is profoundly serious to many fans and they would just want to him ask for help. Fans believe that his wife is aware of his issue and will have to be the one to force him into a rehab situation as Taylor is too stubborn. He is doing the best he can in the episode’s fans have watched, as by him acting like his old self is the only way he can express that he is not okay.

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