Valentine's Day: Best Movies Available To Watch On Streaming Services

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with your friends, significant other, or treat yourself to a self-care day, there are plenty of movies you can stream to elevate your day – and here’s a selection of the best titles you can find on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+. The streaming wars continue to heat up, and there are still more subscription platforms ready to launch in 2020. While it may be overwhelming at times to have so many streaming services to choose from, in the end that also brings more variety of movies and TV shows from all genres.

On the other hand, given the many platforms there are now and the distribution rights of each movie, some of them jump from one streaming service to the other or simply disappear for a while. Sadly, popular movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Clueless, and the Before Sunrise trilogy are no longer available to stream on any of the major platforms (though you can find them available to rent and buy), but there are still plenty of movies suitable for Valentine’s Day that you can enjoy.

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Because this day can also be spent with friends or however you want, here are the best Valentine’s Day movies available to stream and where to watch them – from rom-coms, to dramas, and even some classics.

Now that To All The Boys I’ve Loved, P.S. I Still Love You has been released, you can enjoy both movies, back-to-back. Based on the book series by Jenny Han’s, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before follows Lara Jean (Lana Condor), whose secret love letters are exposed and create a mess on her love life. The sequel continues Lara’s story as she goes through many firsts with her boyfriend and struggles with the complexity of emotions while she also deals with one of her past loves re-entering her life.

Always Be My Maybe is a rom-com written by Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Michael Golamco, and with Nahnatchka Khan as director. The story follows childhood sweethearts Sasha Tran (Wong) and Marcus Kim (Park), who fall out of touch and reunite 15 years later. By then, they are already living in two different worlds, but there’s still something between them. Always Be My Maybe has a big bonus: Keanu Reeves playing an exaggerated version of himself.

Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Someone Great stars Gina Rodriguez as Jenny Young, a music journalist who breaks up with her boyfriend after landing her dream job, which requires her to move to the other side of the country. In order to heal her broken heart and get ready for a new chapter in her life, she recruits her best friends (played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise) for one last outrageous adventure in New York City.

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Disney+ is home to a fan-favorite rom-com from the late 1990s. 10 Things I Hate About You is a modernization of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, set in an American high-school, and with Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as main stars. The story follows new student Cameron (Gordon-Levitt), who is crushing on Bianca but can’t go out with her due to her father’s strict rules – so, in order to take her out, he gets bad-boy Patrick Verona (Ledger) to date Bianca’s sister, Kat (Stiles), but the deal comes with a price.

Based on the novel of the same name by Trisha R. Thomas, Nappily Ever After follows Violet (Sanaa Lathan), a young woman who has a seemingly perfect life: she’s successful in her job, is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Clint (Ricky Whittle), and her hair is always perfect – and there’s a lot of work behind that. When her relationship ends, Violet begins to fight the urge to be perfect and shaves her head, which is not only a transformation on the outside but also on the inside, as she has to confront long-held stigmas and insecurities.

The Big Sick is one of the most acclaimed movies of 2017 and was praised for its original story and for bringing a new angle to the rom-com formula. The story is loosely based on the real-life romance between Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, and follows a fictionalized version of Kumail (played by himself) who meets an American graduate student named Emily (Zoe Kazan). As their relationship blossoms, he becomes worried about what his traditional Muslim parents will think of it. When Emily suddenly becomes sick and is placed in an induced coma, Kumail develops a bond with her parents, but not before going through some uncomfortable moments with them.

The story of Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi is on Disney+, ready to stream. The Princess Diaries is based on Meg Cabot’s novel of the same name and follows high-school student Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) as she learns that she is, in fact, heir to the throne of Genovia, and so has to go through “princess lessons” with her grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews). The sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is not based on any book, and continues Mia’s story now in Genovia, and with her family and best friend by her side. It’s a story of friendship, family, and there’s also romance and comedy – a very good balance.

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The Spectacular Now is a coming-of-age romantic drama movie based on Tim Tharp’s novel of the same name. The story centers on Sutter Keely (Miles Teller), a popular guy with an alcohol problem who meets introvert Aimee (Shailene Woodley) after waking up on a random lawn. An unexpected romance between them blossoms, but will be tested by Sutter’s personal problems and Aimee’s plans for her future after high-school.

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to revisit some classics, such as the 1988 dark comedy Heathers. Winona Ryder stars as Veronica, a high-school student who is part of the most popular clique at her school: the Heathers, even though she disapproves of their cruel behavior. When Veronica and her new boyfriend J.D (Christian Slater) confront the leader, Heather Chandler (Kim Walker), things get out of control as they accidentally poison her, and Veronica soon realizes J.D. has some very dark plans for the rest of the group.

Another movie from the 1980s, only this one is a teen rom-com. Say Anything… is Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut, and stars John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler, an average high-school student, and Ione Skye as Diane Court, the class valedictorian. After asking her out, Lloyd and Diane’s relationship begins to blossom, but Diane’s father asks her to end the relationship as he finds Lloyd to be an underachiever who will never be at her level – and her father is also under investigation by the IRS. Say Anything… is the source of that unforgettable scene with John Cusack holding a boombox above his head outside Diane’s bedroom.

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