Undercover Boss Kylo Ren Returns in New SNL Sketch


Adam Driver reprised the role of Kylo Ren once again for Saturday Night Live’s “Undercover Boss” sketch. The latest episode marked the comedy series’ first of 2020, coming off the high of Eddie Murphy’s exceptional hosting job which closed out 2019. The latter episode, which ended up being the highest-rated and most-watched one for the show since May of 2017, set a new high standard for the series moving forward. Thankfully, Driver came fully prepared to start the new decade off on a high note.


Driver’s return to SNL marked his third go-around at the hosting gig, and his appearance did not disappoint. Recently, the actor received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his heartwrenching turn in the Oscar-nominated film Marriage Story. His co-star from said film, Scarlett Johansson, also recently hosted SNL back in early December. Not only does Driver have the Oscars coming up on the horizon, but 2019 marked his climactic final outing as Kylo Ren in Star Wars’ sequel trilogy. This role was one that many fans enjoyed, and SNL was quick to create a sketch tailor-made for the character. In 2016, Driver reprised the role of Ren for a sketch called “Undercover Boss” and it became an instant hit among fans. Thankfully for fans of the original sketch, they redid it once more for last night’s episode.

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Rather than going back to playing a radar technician on Starkiller Base named “Matt”, which he did in 2016, this sketch saw Ren becoming “Randy”, an intern on Starkiller Base. Per SNL, the sketch blends both Ren’s intensity with Driver’s awkward comedic humor to create an instantly memorable character. From the beginning, Ren expresses that he “hasn’t been the best boss lately,” and that he’s been “a little distracted by some personal drama,” as a narrated cartoon montage guides viewers through some of the biggest events from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. His undercover disguise is used to help get some “fresh perspective,” and has some incredibly funny results. Check out the full video below.

This sketch was one of many from last night that really showcased Driver’s comedic talent. Despite playing intense characters for the majority of his career, Driver has a lightness to him that brought fresh and exciting energy to SNL’s first episode of 2020. This was even something he played off of from the get-go during his opening monologue. Not to mention, Driver’s enjoyment for being a part of the sketches is easy to see throughout the entire show, and it’s clear that this sketch, in particular, is a favorite of his.

Hopefully, Driver will return to Saturday Night Live as a host more often. It’s fun to see his range when it comes to acting, especially seeing what he can do comedically. Being able to witness him delving into different genres, from drama to comedy to sci-fi, and enjoying it is a delight. Even though audiences will no longer see him as Kylo Ren, his character will forever live on in these clever and hilarious “Undercover Boss” sketches on Saturday Night Live.

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