UFC Boss Dana White Responds to Jake Paul Fight Challenge

Dana White


Dana White

Dana White responded to a boxing challenge concerning Jake Paul, and the UFC president shared that he has no interest in meeting the YouTuber inside a ring.

During a recent GQ Sports YouTube video, White was asked by a fan if he’d ever consider boxing “The Problem Child,” someone he’s verbally sparred back and forth with through interviews and social media.

And in short, the aging UFC president said that would never happen. “You guys realize I’m 53 years old now, right?” White said via Insider.

White then pointed to the time he had signed a deal to box former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. The match ultimately didn’t go down, however, as “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” pulled out of the contest.

“When I was gonna fight Tito I was 37,” the UFC president continued. “I’m 53.”

“Come talk to me when you f****** idiots are 53 years old and tell me if you wanna fight some 20-year-old kid. I promise you, you do not.”

White was also asked by a fight fan how good of a boxer he was back in the day, and the UFC president laughed: “Obviously not very good or I wouldn’t be a promoter.”

Paul Recently Took Aim Again at White for UFC Fighter Pay

During the same GQ interview, White defended the money fighters make as contracted UFC athletes. And he said that if someone wants to pay combatants more, they could open up their own fight promotion.

“If you don’t li