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Do you know about the reality TV Personality, Tyler McLaughlin? Have a look at his bio where we are sharing info about his family, career, net worth, body measurements and features. Also, check out Tyler McLaughlin’s gossips, controversies and upcoming events in this article.

Television Tyler McLaughlin

Tyler McLaughlin is one of the popular captains from reality TV series “Wicked Tuna” of Discovery Channel. He was born in Rye Harbor in England. Tyler was honoured as a hero by the Red Cross of Northwest Massachusetts for his efforts in rescuing a sinking vessel named “Miss Sambvca” in 2014.

Tyler McLaughlin Family

His father also used to go fishing and being inspired by his father, Tyler started fishing. He caught his first Bluefin when he was seven years old and always went with his father whenever he goes for fishing. Afterwards, he started going alone and used new techniques for fishing.

Tyler McLaughlin Career

During his high school, he wanted to become a become a commercial fisherman but his family didn’t approve it. So, finally he made a deal with his parents that he will finish college and his father will help him to buy a boat. Tyler completed his high school and his father actually bought him a boat. Consequently, he began his career and he is the youngest captain in the fleet. Along with this, he is the captain of Pinwheel and has two schoolmates “Adam Moser” and “Alex Whitney” as his crew member.

Previously he had a bigger crew but later narrowed it to favourite people with whom she likes to spend quality time with. In addition to this, he is one of the most competent and intelligent fishermen. Also, he has an online merchandise shop called Pinwheel Gate with clothes and accessories.In addition to this, he participated in 2010 Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament and 2011 Casco Bay Classic.

Tyler McLaughlin Net Worth

Tyler McLaughlin estimated net worth in 2018 is under review. Shas an estimated net worth of $450,000 from his occupation in the year 2017. His source of revenue is fishing and online business. Moreover, he is also paid by the producers of wicked tuna for taking part of this reality TV series.

Tyler McLaughlin Body Measurements and Features

Tyler is slim build and has a lively personality. His talent and skill has made him too much successful and earned him so much fame. His fans would love to know more about his physical stats and features.

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green

Tyler McLaughlin Upcoming Projects and Gossips

Tyler McLaughlin was once charged with misdemeanour assault after he got into a fight with another fisherman. He punched him multiple times in eye and even broke his nose. Tyler ran away for some weeks from police but later turned himself to police. Moreover, he will keep inspiring more and more people through the work he is doing and it is expected that he will be seen in more TV shows in near future.


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