Tracy Edwards Now: Where is Man Who Escaped Dahmer Today?

tracy edwards now


Tracy Edwards and Jeffrey Dahmer

The new Netflix series on Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer opens with a dramatic encounter between Dahmer and a man named Tracy Edwards.

Stop reading if you don’t want spoilers for the series!

Where is Edwards now? What is he doing today? His life was never the same after he escaped from Dahmer and, in 2021, he was accused of a serious crime in Milwaukee. “It’s like Humpty Dumpty,” said Edwards’ defense attorney Paul Ksicinski, to ABC News, referring to Edwards’ life after Dahmer. “It’s like he was never able to put the pieces back together again.”

In the Netflix series, episode one, Dahmer meets Edwards in a gay bar and convinced Edwards to go back to his apartment for $50, asking to take his photograph. When they get there, though, Edwards is immediately creeped out by the smell in Dahmer’s apartment.

Dahmer tries to drug him, but Edwards notices something in the glass, and he doesn’t drink the beverage, likely saving his life. Dahmer tries to get him to watch “The Exorcist III,” his favorite movie, and a creeped-out Edwards notices blood on his mattress and a suspicious blue barrel in the corner. Dahmer attacks him with a knife and manages to get one handcuff on Edwards. Edwards waits for his moment, and he struggles with Dahmer and manages to escape, running down the street with a single handcuff dangling from his arm, and flagging down police.

In the apartment, an officer discovers photographs of mutilated bodies in Dahmer’s bedroom dresser. And that marked the end of Dahmer’s serial killers.

But is it a true story? Did a man named Tracy Edwards really escape the clutches of Jeffrey Dahmer?

Here’s what you need to know: