Tops Market Shooting Suspect: Graphic Video Emerges

tops shooting suspect video


Graphic video emerged of a possible suspect in the Tops Market active shooting.

A graphic video has emerged showing a possible suspect in the Tops Market shooting in Buffalo, New York. You can see it via a link below, but be aware that it’s very disturbing because it shows what appear to be bodies lying on the ground outside.

A racist manifesto and Twitch livestream were attributed online to the gunman, but authorities have not verified those accounts.

Heavy is not embedding the video for that reason. The reports of a mass shooting at Tops Friendly Markets emerged on the afternoon of May 14, 2022. “BREAKING: BPD on scene of a mass shooting at the Tops in the 1200 block of Jefferson Avenue. Police say multiple people have been struck by gunfire. The shooter is in custody. Motorists and residents are urged to avoid the area,” Buffalo police tweeted.

The graphic video showed a possible suspect being taken into custody by law enforcement officers. There were unconfirmed reports he was dressed in military gear. The suspect is not identified. The motive is not clear, nor is the number of victims.

A racist, white supremacist 180-page manifesto has emerged. However, authorities have not yet confirmed that it is the suspect’s. There is a name in the manifesto, but Heavy is not using it at this point in case the suspect put it in there for other reasons.

“If there’s one thing I want you to get from these writings, it’s that White birth rates must change. Everyday the White population becomes fewer in number,” the manifesto begins. “To maintain a population the people must achieve a birth rate that reaches replacement fertility levels, in the western world that is about 2.06 births per woman.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The County Executive Confirmed an ‘Active Multiple Shooting Event’ at Tops Markets

“I have been advised of an active multiple shooting event at the Tops Markets on Jefferson Street in Buffalo. Police are on scene. Please stay away from the area,” Mark Poloncarz tweeted on the afternoon of May 14, 2022. He is the Erie County executive.

Tops Markets has stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Tops bills itself as “your neighborhood store with more.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted, “I am closely monitoring the shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo. We have offered assistance to local officials. If you are in Buffalo, please avoid the area and follow guidance from law enforcement and local officials.”

Unconfirmed Reports Sat the Suspect Streamed the Shooting Live on Twitch Using the Name ‘Jimboboiii’


The Twitter page Intel Point Alert tweeted, “🇺🇸#URGENT: ‘Active shooter’ with several people down at Tops Grocery in Buffalo, New York.”

The site followed up with, “A large emergency response is underway following confirmed reports of multiple people shot. No word on the suspect at this time.”

The page then shared a screenshot from a Twitch page showing a body lying next to a cash register. “🇺🇸#DISTURBING: Gunman live streamed shooting on Twitch under the name ‘jimboboiii,’” the page reported. The screenshot is very graphic. The Twitch page is down so this account could not be immediately confirmed.

“Jimboboiii” also has a Steam profile, but there isn’t much on it.

Another Twitter page wrote, “The shooter streamed it live on twitch but there was only 20 viewers, the VOD was deleted and idk if anyone recorded it.”

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