Top 10 documentaries on Amazon Prime right now according to IMDb

Documentaries are wonderful things. Filled with the emotion of every other great film whilst also opening eyes, changing perspectives or teaching things that would sometimes go unlearned, these films or series’ are creative and ingenious.

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Streaming service Amazon Prime is full of fantastic films and tv shows of every genre and topic imaginable. There are so many different films that often it takes ages to even pick one that would be worth watching! So here are the top 10 documentaries on Amazon Prime that are definitely worth a watch.

10 Living Proof: 8.1

Living Proof follows filmmaker, Matt Embry, as he is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The audience watches him and his father’s journey for answers and hopes that there will be a cure.

This is a moving and extremely emotional documentary that succeeds in highlighting the dark side of potential ‘solutions’ given by greedy, monopolizing producers of low quality and expensive yet worthless drugs. Although done delicately, it essentially pieces together this horrific disease and what it can do to people as well as exploring what is happening on the quest to find a cure.

9 The Farthest: 8.1

Telling the tale of Voyager 1 and 2, this documentary covers perhaps one of humankind’s greatest achievements. In 2012 Voyager 1 became the first man-made object to leave our solar system and enter the void of deep space. This one will give you a taste of space!

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This is undeniably the most informative and perhaps the most philosophical documentary of the list as it forces you to accept how small our existence is. What makes this documentary unique is its unexpected emotional touch, as the film explores a triumphant success by some of the greatest minds of their time.

8 The Red Pill: 8.3

The Red Pill is a very different documentary that covers the mysterious and particularly polarizing Men’s Rights Movement. The creator, director, and writer, Cassie Jay simply asks the question, what is the future of gender equality?

Firstly, the fact that this is covering the other side of gender equality is already interesting enough. This documentary delves into challenging topics such as the exceedingly high male suicide rates, their paternity right, demonizing in the media and the denial of being victims. Although these are tough topics, the director speaks to a range of viewpoints leaving you to draw your conclusions throughout this thorough and relentless watch.

7 Long Strange Trip: 8.3

Following the life and the careers of the well-known rock band, The Grateful Dead. This documentary series is perfect for diehard fans and soon to be new fans alike.

This moving and representative documentary of their lives is bound to make you a fan, even if it is purely from the journey and the sacrifices they make for both their fans and their love of music. Although it has high ratings, for some it seems to have fallen a little flat with many fans pointing out its missing details. However, for someone who wants to explore new music as well as how bands live their lives, this is definitely worth a watch.

6 The Secret Life Of Chaos: 8.4

Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores chaos theory and asks a question to try to uncover what is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of science. How does a universe that starts as dust end up with intelligent life?

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Chaos theory is an interesting topic on its own but this film is guaranteed to alter your perception of the world and will undoubtedly make you think about your existence. In this mind-blowing and somewhat troubling film, you will find yourself engrossed in the way Professor Jim Al-Khalili teaches his audience in an easy to follow and exciting way whilst keeping it wonderfully dark and informative.

5 Britains Ultra Nationalists: 8.4

Journalist and filmmaker, Aran Tori follows the lives and opinions of Britain’s far-right extremists whilst also reflecting on his own beliefs about the true British identity.

Surprisingly informative and intriguing, this documentary is filled with an entertaining narrative and certainly has the qualities of Louis Theroux’s early work. What makes this film worthy of its rating is the objectivity that Aran Tori follows as he interviews people from all spectrum, from racists to neo-nazis. In the world of Trump, Brexit and what seems to be a shift in politics, this documentary feels particularly timely and is worth a try.

4 Gleason: 8.4

This heartfelt documentary covers former professional football player, Steve Gleason as he is diagnosed with ALS. The film is a video diary for his unborn son as his family tries to raise money for a cure.

In this raw and unfiltered documentary, the audience is forced to reflect on their own lives and situations. With its rich commentary and uncut realism, you get straight to the emotional story of the effects ALS can have on both you and your family. Although it sounds hard to watch, this film is a story of triumph, pain, courage, sacrifice, and ultimately love.

3 All Or Nothing: A Seasons With The Arizona Cardinals: 8.6

Following the Arizona Cardinals and created by both Amazon and NFL, this is an unprecedented look into the lives of the coaches, players and their families both on and off the pitch.

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For both fans and people who have never seen American football, this is a wonderful insight into the highs and lows of the NFL. In this emotionally charged and well-paced series, you will find yourself cheering and gasping when they play, no matter how much of a fan you are. It’s gripping, informative, and is worth a watch if you’re a sports fan or not.

2 As Good As It Gets?: 9.3

With a huge jump between ratings, this is a similar take on the previous documentary. This time we follow the rebirth of the rugby team, Leeds Rhinos. The film takes place in 2015 during the teams ‘Golden Generation’ and the battle for a historic treble.

Similar to the previous film, you don’t have to be a fan to love the way this is made. It is a film that is filled with passion, humanity, teamwork, and sacrifices. Ultimately, this is a wonderful advert for rugby and is likely to get anyone into the sport.

1 The Little Count: 9.3

The premise itself sounds interesting enough to want to watch it straight away! When 3 friends unearth a local legend, Joseph Boruwlaski a man who was 99cm tall and 97 years old.

This quirky film is both funny but also respectful as it delves into the life of the polish count. The reason it is quirky is that it seems to be very aware of its presence, with the filmmakers actively looking at the camera and even pointing out mistakes in the subtitles! This particular documentary has a wonderful premise filled with fantastic scenery, hilarious scripts, and informative history, everything that makes a documentary great.

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