Too Hot to Handle's Mean Girl Duo Francesca & Haley Reunite for Bikini Photos

Too Hot to Handle stars Francesca Farago and Haley Cure reunited for a photo shoot on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The pair were besties on the Netflix show and the bond they made seemingly remains as they have clearly stayed in touch even after the show ended.

Fans of Too Hot to Handle will recall that Farago and Cure’s friendship was one of the first connections made on the show, and it wasn’t even a romantic one. Despite this, it was clear early on that Cure had no intention of becoming friends or something more with anyone else on the show besides Farago, even though Farago’s eyes were on another castmate, Harry Jowsey. Farago and Jowsey pursued their relationship once the show ended but recently broke up, leaving room for Farago and Cure to reunite.

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Farago the Label, Farago’s swimsuit line, posted a photo of Farago and Cure on their Instagram and it showed the two sporting swimsuits from the line that were almost matching. The caption of the photo referred to them as “babes” and even informed fellow Instagrammers of the suits they were sporting. If the mean girl duo spent any time off the beach, fans wouldn’t know just yet, as this is one of the only sneak peeks people have gotten into their reunion. Check out the post below:

Once Cure was kicked off of Too Hot to Handle in the fifth episode, and Farago had a good cry over it, Cure left not only being known as the least liked cast member by some, but also as questionably infatuated with Farago. Cure was adamant that Jowsey did not deserve Farago in the slightest, and that Farago was the only castmate worthy of Cure’s time. Now, Cure may have gotten her unspoken wish as she and Farago are finally hanging out again and Farago has parted ways with Jowsey.

While promoting Farago’s swimsuit line is right up both girls’ alleys, fans are eager to know what else the two did together, especially since there may be some leftover feelings after that iconic makeout session. The kiss shared between the two was only meant to mess with the others, it may have messed with their feelings towards one another as well. For now, it’s clear that they remain friends, and now that Farago has relocated to California, who knows how many more get-togethers these two Too Hot to Handle cast members will have.

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Source: Farago the Label

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