The Masked Singer Group C Championships, Identity Predictions & Clues

On Wednesday, The Masked Singer had its final group championships and fans found out who will be the three singers joining the previous six finalists to form the super nine. What did we find out about the remaining three group C performers’ identities from the new clues?

Will Arnett joined the show as a guest panelist tonight. All five performances were some of these singers’ best. T-Rex performed panelist Nicole Scherzinger’s song with A.R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls, “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).” It wasn’t enough to keep her from extinction though as she ultimately received the least amount of votes and was forced to reveal her identity. Several of the clues were dead giveaways to her identity. T-Rex was revealed to be YouTuber JoJo Siwa. Though we’ve predicted since her first week that it was the Dance Moms star, it wasn’t until this week that the panelists caught on.

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The boomerang in the clue package tipped off Jenny that it was Siwa. Nicole and Robin both agreed. Ken decided to go with Robin’s previous guess of Liza Koshy, one which we’d already debunked. While no one was surprised by the time the energetic singer was revealed, everyone is still trying to guess who the remaining three finalists are. While they managed to avoid elimination and keep their anonymity for the time being, the fans are furiously trying to uncover the new clues to their identity.  Who is Night Angel? Who is Astronaut? Who is Rhino? And do the clues prove their identities?

Clues: Bonus clue was “Shhhh….I’ve always had faith”. A friend from high school gave her clue package and discussed how Night Angel was chasing her dreams during high school even missed prom and had to skip a career opportunity to attend graduation. The clues showed an astronomy test with an A+ and a rotary phone. Her lego post-performance connection clue was Jenny and said “Good Times” She said Jenny said her name often on her show.

The biggest clue connection was definitely about when Night Angel’s career started and that fits well with our previous prediction that under that mask is Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss. The singer/songwriter started her career as a teen with girl group Xscape. She appeared on BET’s series Teen Summit at age 15. This fits well with the timeline given by the high school friend. Burruss has appeared on The Jenny McCarthy show multiple times, which would make the lego clue fit as well.

Clues: Bonus clue was “I’m all for horses.” His clue package was given by his bro-pilot, who talked about how he kept going after taking a nosedive in front of thousands of people and falling flat on his face. The visual clues showed coffee, two die totally 10, and a bridge. His lego post-performance connection clue was Nicole and said “Mall.” He said they celebrated a huge birthday together at a mall.

While we were already sure since week one that this was country music singer Hunter Hayes, this week’s clues confirmed that beyond any doubt. We’ve previously mentioned that Hayes had a not so well-received performance of the national anthem at a World Series game. This fits well the incident described in the clue package. The much bigger clue tonight came when he told Nicole that they had celebrated an important birthday together at a mall. Back in 2015, Hunter Hayes and Nicole Scherzinger appeared together at A Capitol Fourth in D.C. The event also paid tribute to the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra.

Clues: Bonus clue was “I do not enjoy long walks by the water.” The clue package was given by his college best friend who talked about them learning to surf. Visual clues included surfing, three quarters and an up arrow and a map with the state of Missouri wearing a crown. The lego post-performance connection clue was Robin and said 1000. He said that he and Robin appeared on the same track.

This is another one that is confirmed completely by this finals clue package. While very few have guessed, we’ve maintained that Rhino is former Major League Baseball star Barry Zito. Zito definitely could have learned to surf in college, as he went to the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Southern California. The bigger clue was that map with the state of Missouri wearing a crown, since Zito’s wife was once Miss Missouri. If you’re still not convinced, the post-performance clue spells it out. He and Robin did appear on the same track, the same soundtrack that is. Both of them had a song on the soundtrack for the Eddie Murphy film A Thousand Words.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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