The Magic of Thor's Hammer is STRONGER Than Juggernaut

While The Unstoppable Juggernaut is not a frost giant, dark elf, or rock troll, the villain presents a relatively new obstacle for the God of Thunder Thor, magic. Fortunately for Thor, the magic associated with his hammer Mjolnir is even stronger than Juggernaut.

Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz’s Mighty Thor issue #429, entitled This World is Mine, sees the much-anticipated rematch between Thor, currently under the identity of human architect Eric Masterson, and Cain Marko a.k.a. The Juggernaut. Juggernaut is holding Thor and the UK-based superhero force Excalibur hostage on an alien planet, set to be executed by the planet’s misguided subjects.

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Thor is one of the few Marvel superheroes truly capable of taking down the Juggernaut, albeit with his hammer. Juggernaut’s own hubris and egocentric nature continue to get the better of Cain in the vicious battle as the brute underestimates Thor, who uses his mystically enchanted Mjolnir to negate all present mystical energy surrounding Juggernaut’s alien fortress, brought on by Cain’s presence. Thor’s victory by way of magic against magic sends Juggernaut through the far reaches of space, leaving the defeated Marko dangling onto an asteroid.

The recent X-Men films released under 20th Century Fox may have seemed to imply that the Juggernaut is of the mutant variety, however Cain is simply a human acting as the Earth based avatar for the powerful mystical entity Cyttorak. Cyttorak rules over its own dimension the Crimson Cosmos, using humans such as Marko to store its great power. Juggernaut has a major disadvantage in his tendency to think himself unbeatable (which he largely is) and rely on solely brute strength as opposed to cunning. Thor himself may not be up to the task of defeating Cain, at least on his lonesome, but with Mjolnir the god can prevail.

Juggernaut’s most persistent foes the Uncanny X-Men continually have such a difficult time taking down the villain due to his relationship with magic, courtesy of Cyttorak. The Unstoppable Juggernaut will not go down with a simple fight. Even without his armor, Marko can give Thor and the X-Men a good run for their money given that Marko is completely self-sustaining and can go on for weeks on end without eating, drinking, or exhausting. Without his enchanted hammer, Thor may have fared no better than Charles Xavier’s mutants.

Mighty Thor #429 serves as a strong reminder for readers and Earth’s Asgardian protector exactly how much of a threat Juggernaut is. The Juggernaut is not even typically a Thor adversary, but given his magic based qualities which even Loki could admire as well as brute strength, Cain fits in quite well amongst Thor‘s host of baddies.

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