The Flash VS Spider-man: 5 Reasons They Would Make Great Partners (& 5 They Would Hate Each Other)

For over six years in the Arrowverse, we’ve seen Grant Gustin’s Flash run past our screens, saving the world from a crisis and making jokes and movie references along the way. We’ve grown to love Barry and his antics and to many, the CW Flash is the true Scarlet Speedster.

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In the MCU, we were introduced to Tom Holland’s Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War and we fell in love with iteration due to his quirky personality and lovable nature. Being two similar characters with some differences how would these two do being partnered together? Here are five reasons they’d make great partners and five reasons why they would hate working together.

10 GREAT: Similar Interests

Throughout the series, Barry is constantly making pop culture references, comparing bad guys to movie characters, his love of superheroes even before he became one, and is one of the few to understand Cisco’s references. Being somewhat introverted, Barry grew up watching movies and reading comic books and indulging in his love for science.

In the MCU, Spidey is the youngest Avenger and the one most in touch with current pop culture references and slang terms that the older members wouldn’t know anything about. Like Barry, he grew up watching movies with his Uncle Ben and had an interest in science at an early age.

Imagine a conversation between these two talking about Star Wars or watching them geek out over meeting each other in real life.

9 HATE: Spidey Isn’t Used To Working With A Team

Although Spidey is technically an Avenger, he does regret joining due to the toll it takes on his personal life and his own goals and values of being a hero. He doesn’t really follow rules and even when he does let people join, like Ned or MJ, he does it an arms-length to keep them out of trouble.

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The Flash has been part of a team since before he decided to put on the spandex and zoom around the city and although he’s pushed his team away on several occasions, he always recognizes the need for his team. The team may not be perfect but Barry is a good team player when he’s not being stubborn.

8 GREAT: Both Have Strong Optimistic Values

Something that makes Barry a great hero and great team leader is his uncanny ability to see the good in people. No matter how much tragedy he has gone through in his life, Barry always tries to find a positive outlook on a situation and it usually gets him through a mission or fight.

Peter’s optimism is well known in the comics and has made its way into the MCU. He’s always fighting and working tirelessly to make the world a better place, no matter how underpowered he is. He was what gave Tony hope and motivation to helping the rest of the Avengers figure out time travel.

7 HATE: Barry Doesn’t Have A Great Track Record Training Younger Partners

Throughout the six seasons of The Flash, we’ve been introduced to several characters from Flash mythos including his sidekicks and allies, like Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, and Jay Garrick. With both Kid Flash and Jesse being younger than Barry, he decides to take them under his wing and train them to use their speed.

He was a good teacher and did teach them to control their speed but throughout their training, Barry would sometimes get impatient and he often had a hard time trusting his sidekicks despite their history. With Spidey being a teenage super who doesn’t like following rules, they might butt heads a lot.

6 GREAT: Both Value Their Secret Identity

Something these two young heroes value and do a lousy job of protecting is their secret identity. Both Barry and Peter want to protect their loved ones and have a long list of rogues willing to do anything to hurt their enemy, so they know the value of having a mask so they can protect themselves from the world.

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Barry has told a lot of people his identity either out of trusting them or having no choice and he’s had his identity uncovered in just about every season of The Flash. Peter isn’t any better, as we saw at the end of Homecoming and as we saw Tony uncover in less than five minutes.

5 HATE: Completely Different Powers

The Flash and Spiderman mainly protect one city and are rather local, but that’s where their heroic preferences end. With the Flash, he uses his superspeed and speed force powers to save the day and be the hero for Central City.

Spidey has his spider-based powers and intelligence to swing around the city to save the day and be a hero for New York.

4 GREAT: Both Have High Tech Suits

Since the first season of The Flash, Barry has had a high tech suit that prevents him from burning up and is durable enough to resist his supersonic speed. the distinct look not only makes him an icon but it also provides with all of his speedster needs, and comms to communicate with the team along with biometrics to always keep track of his health.

Peter started off with a homemade suit that barely did the job until he got a major upgrade from Tony. After that, he got a few new suits, each more high tech than the last. Like Barry’s suit, he meets all of his needs, and unlike Barry’s, his does a little more, like instant dry with a built-in heater and provide built-in AI.

3 HATE: Peter’s Youth

Like we mentioned before, Barry doesn’t have a great track record training younger supers, and the fact that Peter feels like an established hero without Barry’s help could lead to a lot of arguments. Whether it be how to approach a certain bad guy or who is more deserving of making a life-threatening risk.

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Peter had a hard time listening to his hero Iron man, so it’s safe to say he’ll be less likely to listen to Barry. Peter is also very impulsive, like any young kid he tends to think he can take on the world which could be a huge problem for Barry.

2 GREAT: Lovable Dorks With Tragic Backgrounds

An unfortunate and common similarity these two characters have is a childhood with no parents. Barry had a normal life up until he was 10 when his mother was killed by Reverse-Flash and his father was sent to jail for life because of it. This forced him to live with a family friend who became a second father figure for Barry.

Peter grew up being raised by his aunt and uncle up until he was about 15 when he lost his uncle Ben. Although it could lead to some bonding and understanding between each other, it is still a tragic thing they went through. Despite all of their tragedy, they grow up to become lovable dorks with big hearts and a knack for saving people.

1 HATE: Their Variety Of Rogues

With both Barry and Peter having some of the best rogue galleries in comics, it’s easy to get lost in the various villains and their motivation. However, despite them both having similar villains, their motivations are different and therefore lead to different approaches.

Flash Villains are usually after control of the city and the Flash is usually stopping them, and Spidey’s villains are usually after world domination and therefore need a more direct approach.

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