The Challenge Star Shades ‘Messy’ & ‘Chaotic’ Show Aspects

TJ Lavin


TJ Lavin on ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’

The finale of “The Challenge: USA” was very divisive among fans of the show and competitors, and it was made all the more controversial after Tyson Apostol’s exit interview with Entertainment Weekly was released.

One former competitor from the CBS spinoff was very open with his thoughts on social media as the finale aired, especially regarding Desi Williams’ elimination following her partner Enzo Palumbo quitting in the first leg. “Lol this Final is a damn mess. #TheChallengeUSA,” James Wallington tweeted as the finale aired.

He then added in a now-deleted tweet saved on Reddit, Enzo, enough with your apologies. What an absolute joke. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! [Desi] deserved better… Oh and here’s a thought… Let Desi continue and pair her with the solo female in the final. LIKE WTF?! Infuriated.” He also wrote:

In response to a fan’s response, James added, “The final eventually turned to individuals, so Desi teaming up with another female partner for parts of it wouldn’t have mattered in the long run.” He also said, “Doesn’t mean anyone has to agree with how it’s handled. It’s a shame.” James isn’t the first “Challenge” competitor who said Desi should have been able to compete with the solo woman since there was one less male cast member in the final.

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