The Boys: 10 Questions About Homelander We Want Answers To In Season 2


After the massive first season success of Amazon Prime’s The Boys, fans are eagerly waiting for the second installment. Although there’s no official release date yet for the show’s second season, we can expect it to come some point later this year. As we edge further into 2020 and closer to the highly-anticipated Season 2 premiere, it’s time to start asking the important questions.


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Who better to focus our questions on than one of the show’s most theatrically horrifying characters who simultaneously plays the role of both a hero and villain. Season 2 will likely have a pretty big focus on Anthony Starr’s Homelander after the monumental cliffhanger from the end of the first season. So with so little known about The Boys Season 2, let’s discuss some of the biggest Homelander questions we’re all craving answers to.

10 Upbringing

Although we know so little about what season 2 holds for Homelander, one thing we can be sure of is that we’re going to see more of his childhood. We’ll likely get quick glimpses of what Homelander’s upbringing was like, from being dosed with Compound V to being groomed to be the face of Vought International.

Regardless of knowing we’ll see parts of his upbringing, there’s still plenty of questions as to the extent of what we’ll see. Will we see his past from an infant through his teenage years? His shift into a young adult? We really don’t know what we’re going to see other than some brief flashbacks to his early life as a lab rat.

9 Butcher

Speaking of the cliffhanger that ended season 1, fan-favorite Billy Butcher had an unfortunate front-row seat. After being brought to his wife, who was suspected dead for years, you have to wonder what happened to Billy Butcher. Did he just get up and leave or did he stay and ask questions? That also makes you wonder what Homelander did with him. The two had an ongoing rivalry for the entire first season, so it’s hard to believe Homelander just let Butcher get up and leave only to start his plot against him. The relationship between the two could be a major plot point of season 2, but for now, we just have to wonder what it’ll be like and how much they’ll even interact at all.

8 Stillwell’s Murder

Luckily for all of us, we won’t have to see any more of that uncomfortable relationship between Homelander and Madelyn Stillwell. After he gruesomely murders her in the season 1 finale, we’re left with one critical question moving forward.

Well, her death is eventually going to make waves and people are going to be curious as to how it happened. It’s likely that the public figuring out it was Homelander will take a majority of the second season, but there will eventually have to be some repercussions for her death. It’ll be interesting to see how Homelander tries to cover-up Stillwell’s murder and how the public reacts to the absence of Vought’s head honcho.

7 Stillwell’s Baby

Since we’re already on the topic of that grizzly final scene at Stillwell’s home, its time to consider another, and slightly more gut-wrenching, question. According to Stillwell, her baby was in the house when Butcher rigged her with the bomb vest. Even though he clearly knew that Homelander didn’t seem to care much about it; as we all know he was weirdly and disturbingly jealous of that baby. So, did he just let it die when Butcher hit the detonator? Did he somehow manage to save it, meaning he’s got some other diabolical plan for it? We really have no idea. As horrid of a reality as it might be, the safest assumption is that the baby is most likely dead and Homelander consciously let it happen. However, we could be pleasantly surprised by a morally sound Homelander move. We’ll just have to wait and see.

6 Vought International

Alright, now that we’ve gone over Madelyn Stillwell’s death, we have to talk about the future of Vought International in The Boys. Vought played such a critical role in the first season, so it’s a mystery how they’re going to move forward without the presence of Stillwell.

So you must be wondering, what does this have to do with Homelander? Well, Homelander, more so than any other member of The Seven, was the face of Vought. It’s totally believable that he could end up taking over some of her responsibilities with the company or try to shift the company into a completely new, and maybe terrifying direction. However, considering how little we know, especially when it comes to the future of Vought, anything is technically on the table.

5 The Seven

One of the biggest looming questions for the second season of The Boys is what is the future of The Seven? They’re basically in shambles with Translucent dead, the Deep stranded in Cleveland, Starlight joining the side of the boys, Queen Maeve starting to turn on the group’s decisions, and A-Train, well, we don’t really know what the case is with A-Train at the moment.

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As the leader of The Seven, you have to consider what Homelander plans on doing with the group moving forward. Will it even officially exist? Does he plan on recruiting new members more willing to conform to his immoral decisions and actions? Handling the future of The Seven could end up being a major scheme of Homelander in season 2, but like pretty much every other potential plot, we’ll just have to wait it out and speculate.

4 Starlight

From all this talk of The Seven, there’s reason to believe that Homelander has specific plans for Starlight after she assisted the boys throughout most of the first season. He’s already gone out of his way to threaten and intimidate her, so it’s not too far-fetched to think he might have plans to hunt her down as a means of getting to the Hughie and Butcher. As we’ve seen, Starlight is completely capable of handling herself against her fellow Seven members, but Homelander is a completely different story. However, the clash of Starlight and Homelander almost feels inevitable for season 2.

3 Being A Father

Obviously, one of the biggest plot points for season two is going to be Homelander’s role as a father. Now that he’s been brought face to face with his son, you can only tremor at the thoughts of the things that Homelander might teach him. He’ll undoubtedly teach him how to hone in his powers, but he’s also bound to teach him some terrifying lessons and values as well. Homelander as a father is likely going to be as terrifying as it sounds.

2 The Trailer

Whose blood is that?! The season 2 trailer left us with so many questions with all the new imagery and shots we were given. However, with so little context to any of them, we were left with more questions than before.

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The trailer left us with a ridiculous amount of questions surrounding Homelander. Mainly, who’s blood is he wearing in the first shot of the teaser? If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, do yourself a favor and do so. Then you too can be filled with a ton of questions we won’t get answers to for months.

1 Season 2 Plot

With all these questions in mind, the biggest one of all still looms above us. That question is, what are Homelander’s plans for the second season? Since the end of season 1, we’ve pretty much been left clueless as to what might happen going forward, especially with the all-powerful leader of The Seven.

As fun as it is to speculate what might happen, it’ll be a relief when we either are given a season 2 release date or even a second teaser trailer. For now, keep watching that season 2 teaser trailer and conjure up your best theories about what is yet to come for the terrifying and diabolical Homelander.

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