The Bachelorette: Is Tayshia Adams Replacing Clare Crawley?

There’s some serious drama going down at the La Quinta resort where The Bachelorette is currently filming. It’s almost certain Tayshia Adams will be replacing Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette.

Clare was announced as The Bachelorette on Good Morning America in early March. Filming was postponed until recently as producers figured out how to film a season amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Producers re-opened casting to welcome different men into the season along with men from the original cast. Three weeks ago, the cast and crew started quarantining at the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs. Everything seemed to be going well until now.

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According to Life & Style, a source told them exclusively Clare Crawley had threatened to quit the season. Clare was already in love with first impression rose recipient, Dale Moss. She was reportedly refusing to leave her room or go on dates and wanted to quit the show to be with Dale. Rumors swirled that Tayshia was joining the show mid-season to replace Clare which Reality Steve later near confirmed on an Instagram live. An official statement hasn’t been made but it’s almost certain Tayshia is already quarantining at the La Quinta Resort. RealitySteve also confirmed on Twitter that two former contestants who hadn’t made it to the resort were being asked to join the show. 

Multiple things could’ve happened to cause Clare to leave the show. Because Clare knew Dale was a contestant from the original cast, she could have connected with Dale months ago. They could have developed a connection over the four-month span of time between the release of the cast list and the start of filming. Over the last two weeks of filming, Clare may have decided Dale was the one for her and didn’t want to waste time dating other men. It’s possible Clare let her connection with Dale slip to producers so they already knew something like this could happen. Producers normally wouldn’t let a led quit mid-season so this theory would be completely out of the ordinary. Another possibility is Clare had to leave the show to care for her sick mother but if this was the case, producers would have announced it through a press release already. 

As far as next season goes, producers will likely choose to show what went down the first two weeks of Clare’s season. It was heavily publicized that franchise alum Clare would be the next and oldest Bachelorette. There’s no chance they would skip the opportunity to air what is sure to be a drama-filled first half of Clare’s season. Tayshia will likely come in and finish the last half of Clare’s season but viewers won’t know for sure until the season 16 premiere in September. One thing is for certain, though: the next Bachelorette season will certainly be filled with drama.

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Source: Life & Style, Reality Steve

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