The 100: Where Bellamy Went In The Season 7 Premiere

The 100 season 7 premiere sees Bellamy dragged off into the Anomaly almost immediately, before not appearing in much of the rest of the episode. The end of The 100 season 6 set him up as having a big role in how the Anomaly storyline would play out in season 7, but the time for that hasn’t come quite yet.

Instead, it’s Hope, Gabriel, and Echo who try to go into the Anomaly. Hope is showing the same memory loss that Octavia did last season after coming out of the Anomaly, but she’s convinced by Gabriel and Echo that they need to go back. Hope also finds a message left to her, saying to trust Bellamy, so she goes along on this quest in order to find out just why she needs to trust him.

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The 100 season 7 premiere picks up where season 6 left off, with Bellamy reacting to Octavia’s disappearance before some unseen force drags him away. He’s taken into the Anomaly, though who or what is doing it isn’t clear at first. It eventually turns out that some sort of invisible foe is harassing them and responsible for Bellamy’s disappearance. These people (at least, they appear to be human) dragged Bellamy off, and a point-of-view shot from one of them confirms that capturing Bellamy was one of their objectives. While the episode ends several characters going into the Anomaly, it appears that Bellamy isn’t going to reappear on the show for a little while.

Bellamy’s disappearance wasn’t just driven by the direction the writers wanted to take the story in, as Bob Morley requested some time off at the beginning of the season. He’s been a crucial part of the show from the beginning, starting off as an antagonist in the first season and appearing in all but two episodes in the series so far. While The 100 isn’t shy about killing off characters, there was too much riding on him to do so. Instead, the writers made Bellamy’s disappearance a key part of moving the story forward, allowing him to take that time off while also leaving the door open for his big return later in the season.

While the trailers didn’t show much of him, Bellamy Blake is still going to be a major character in the final season of The 100; it’s just going to take a while to get him out of the Anomaly. Until then, the question of who took him and why gives the opportunity to explore more of the existing mystery of the Anomaly and just what it is.

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