Survivor Pulled From Fall Schedule Due To Coronavirus

CBS has officially pulled Survivor season 41 from its fall 2020-2021 schedule due to concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic, delaying production on the show even further than the original postponement that had been announced earlier this year. After 20 years on air, the commemorative season 40 dubbed Survivor: Winners at War turned out to be one of the most critically-acclaimed seasons in the history of the series. Many critics hailed the season for having some of the biggest plays in Survivor history, and diehard fans immediately started to fan-cast other past winners that could potentially compete again in a future season that followed this format.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many Hollywood studios were faced with the challenge of halting production on TV shows and movies. Thankfully, Survivor: Winners at War had been filmed between May and June 2019, which meant that the show was able to go on air as previously planned. With that said, CBS was scheduled to film Survivor season 41 during the summer of 2020 in Fiji. However, the network announced back in March that it would postpone production on the season until it was safer for the cast and crew to start filming. Now, CBS has issued a new update regarding the show’s upcoming season.

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On Tuesday, July 14, CBS issued a press release announcing that Survivor season 41 has been pulled from the network’s fall 2020-2021 lineup, given that the production team still has concerns over the safety of its cast and crew and is unable to film a new season of the show during a global health pandemic. Instead, The Amazing Race season 32 will fill in the primetime slot on Wednesdays nights, which for many years has been the traditional slot dedicated to new seasons of Survivor. This was made possible because The Amazing Race season 32 had already been filmed prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, and is therefore ready to go on air.

CBS is not the only concerned party that is facing production delays due to the continuous spread of coronavirus around the world. In fact, NBC was reportedly running worst-case scenario drills for many of its productions, and the state of California has issued revised guidelines for how studios may resume production on certain shows. Considering how tough it already was for Survivor cast members to compete on the show, CBS has put an indefinite hold on season 41 until COVID-19 is no longer an added challenge for the series’ cast and crew.

This is unfortunate news for many Survivor fans that must now contend with the possibility that they won’t have a new season of the show during the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly wise for CBS to avoid putting the show’s cast and crew at risk for developing COVID-19 while filming.

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Source: CBS

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