‘Survivor’ Alum Drops Bombshell About the Do or Die Twist

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“Survivor” alum drops bombshell about the Do or Die twist

On the May 12 episode of “Rob Has a Podcast,” season 41 castaway Ricard Foye dropped a bombshell about the Do or Die twist.

The infamous twist, first introduced in season 41, made its return on this week’s episode of “Survivor.”

Castaway Lindsay Dolashewich fell victim to the controversial twist and had to participate in a game of chance to decide her fate.

Luckily, the odds were in Lindsay’s favor, and her “Survivor” game did not come to an end.

Ricard Foye voiced his thoughts about the twist on Rob’s podcast and may have started a “Survivor” conspiracy theory.

Is the Do or Die Twist Rigged?

Season 41 contestant Deshawn Radden was the first castaway to participate in the Do or Die game.

Deshawn, like Lindsay, was presented with three boxes, two of which contained a skull icon and one that had a flame symbol.

The castaways had to choose one of the boxes without knowing what symbol was inside. If they chose a skull box, their game was over, but they were safe if they picked the flame box.

The Do or Die game currently has a 100 percent success rate. Both Deshawn and Lindsay chose the flame box. Given the fact that there is only a 33 percent chance of selecting the correct box, the success rate may seem odd.

On Thursday’s episode of “Rob Has a Podcast,” Ricard Foye revealed a behind-the-scenes secret about the twist that made fans wonder if the game is rigged.

Ricard told Rob that something “odd” happened when Deshawn played the Do or Die game.

He explained that on season 41, Jeff Probst pointed to the safe box and said, “one of these boxes is safe. It has fire.” Jeff then took two fingers and pointed to the two skull boxes and said, “two of these boxes have a skull.”

Ricard revealed that Deshawn picked the box that Jeff pointed out as “fire” and gained safety.

The Washington native told Rob that he paid close attention to the screen during this week’s Tribal Council to see if Jeff repeated the hand gestures.

“He did the same thing with the hands, but the camera angles were very different, so I don’t know what actually happened,” Ricard told Rob. “But the person was safe, and I don’t know.”

The season 41 alum told listeners that he is not trying to cause controversy or doubt the integrity of the game.

“I’m not trying to overread into it, but it is weird watching it,” he said.

Rob Cesternino weighed in, suggesting that Jeff may be subliminally giving hints about the correct box.

“It might be subliminal,” Rob said. “He has to memorize [which box is which], so he doesn’t open the wrong one. It might not even be something he’s trying to do intentionally, but that is wild.”

Ricard Foye on the Do or Die Twist

Ricard also shared his thoughts on the twist and revealed whether he thinks it’s fair.

“I don’t like the idea of it,” he told Rob. “The fact that you can’t use an idol, you can’t use an advantage that you’ve earned in the game to keep yourself safe. I think that part is a flop.”

Ricard went on to say that although the twist has flaws, he ultimately does not have an issue with the twist.

“[Jeff Probst] gives us enough of a heads up. He tells us the stakes,” he said. “I feel like I have enough information to make a decision. Whether I make the right or wrong one, that’s my f*** up. I actually think it’s fine.”

“I think it’s fair,” he added. “I think it’s a fair twist.”

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

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