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Jody Mills doesn’t come into the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester until Season 5 of Supernatural. As Sheriff of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, she knew Bobby as “the town drunk.” She is introduced to the world of monsters in the first episode she appears, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid,” in a brutal way that leaves her scarred.

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When Sam and Dean came into her life, Jody learned that Bobby was different from the person she thought he was. They shared a terrible past where they both had to kill people they loved that had been turned into monsters. Jody doesn’t want to stay in the dark after that, and the more she learns about Sam and Dean’s world, the worse and worse she gets.

10 She Wasn’t A Very Good Sheriff

Jody’s first appearance on the scene was during a zombie attack in her town of Sioux Falls. Her son was one of the zombies and, while it’s understandable that she wanted him back, her negligence caused the loss of bother her husband and her son. Bobby also lost his wife a second time, and many other losses in town occurred. She let Bobby, Sam, Dean, and Rufus off the hook many times and covered for them with the other police officers and FBI. This made her a great friend and eventually a good hunter but not a particularly adept sheriff.

9 Always In Distress

Although not exactly a damsel, Jody often found herself needing to be rescued whenever she brought Sam and Dean a case. She ends up in the hospital when the Leviathans are feeding there, is targeted by Crowley to get back at the boys, is captured by the goddess Vesta, is used as bait by Alex’s sadistic adoptive vampire mother, is knocked out again by Alex’s murderous ex-family years after adopting Alex and lets Alex get captured, lets Claire get captured and turned into a werewolf (although only for a little while), and the whole storyline with Claire and Kaia and everyone thinking Kaia was murdered. The jams she gets into are more and more complicated as she gets worse and worse.

8 Lays The Mom Guilt On Thick

Jody becomes a maternal figure to Sam and Dean, then to Alex, Claire, Patience, and (for a short while) Kaia. The episode “Wayward Sisters” embodies who her adopted brood becomes, along with her relationship with Officer Donna Hanscum. Jody lays the mom guilt on with all of her surrogate children, including Sam and Dean in a running gag about how they never come to visit, how Claire and Alex bicker, and how underappreciated she is. Then, when Mary comes back from the dead, she tries to give her advice about Sam and Dean, reaffirming the fact that Jody was the mom while Mary was dead all their lives.

7  Unlucky Romance

When Jody is first introduced, she is married and she and her husband had lost their son years before. There isn’t much shown about her life with her husband before he’s killed but her dating life is later revealed. Jody and Bobby never get together, despite being the surrogate mother and father figures in Sam and Dean’s lives.

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In Season 8, the episode “Sacrifice” revealed Jody on a date with none other than Crowley. He had tricked her but she knew something was up. In the end, that date almost got her killed on the floor of a bathroom in some random bar.

6 Drove Claire Into Dangerous Situations

Claire is on her own for a long time before she ends up with Jody and Alex. She starts out attempting to hunt in their home town but her cases all appear to be regular occurrences and not monsters. When Jody takes her hunting, Claire says Jody just leaves her in the car and doesn’t let her do anything. She pushes Claire to have a “normal” life and in doing so, pushes Claire into the dangerous situations that come with hunting on her own.

5 Became A Monster Magnet

From the moment, Jody found out about her zombie husband and son, it seemed like she was involved with monsters more and more often. She talks often about “doing what she has to do” but never talks about enjoying hunting. She doesn’t seek trouble and somehow it always seems to find her. When she’s not willing to work on cases herself, she calls Sam and Dean about things she finds suspicious. Even though she doesn’t appear to want to hunt, the monsters are always finding her.

4 Not There When Needed

Throughout the series, Jody collects surrogate children. By the time Season 13 rolls around, she has Alex, Claire, and Patience living with her. Claire is trying to be a hunter, Alex is a nurse, and Patience is trying to finish school while handling her visions. When Donna calls Sam and Dean for help with her missing niece, she notes how Jody is busy. In the Season 14 episode, “The Scar,” she expresses that she’s glad Dean is no longer possessed by Michael, but implies that she wasn’t there while they were searching for him.

3 Behaved Like The Winchesters Are A Burden

Behind the maternal role that Jody plays, she also wants a quiet life for her girls and herself. She knows what goes bump in the night and she knows she can help.

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Instead, she hands off cases to the Winchesters, often behaving like she’s annoyed that another monster attacked close to home. Her attitude implies that she blames them, even though she never says that directly.

2 Never Left Sioux Falls

By Season 15, Jody is in a moderate house in a tiny town seemingly in the middle of nowhere. She appears to have endless room for “wayward sisters,” the nickname given to the teenagers that end up in her care. Sam and Dean have a bunker that’s warded against monsters and has very strong locks. There are also a lot of rooms in that bunker and a large kitchen. There are books, spells, ingredients, and weapons galore. Yet Jody chooses to stay in Sioux Falls in that house that cannot possibly be comfortable for everyone that lives there. Her stubborn notion that she and the girls could live a “normal” life keeps her there when they could be safe and comfortable someplace else.

1 Became A Huge Liability

Chuck/God wants Sam and Dean to stop looking for him. When they won’t, he threatens Jody and the girls. It’s not the first time demons and monsters have tried to use Jody as leverage. Because she lives virtually unprotected and not in hiding in any way, demons and monsters are free to find her and use her, and the girls. They may have all learned a thing or two about hunting but history shows that they’re not entirely capable of taking care of themselves. Because Sam and Dean love Jody like a second mother, this makes her a huge liability.

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