Stranger Things Season 4 Was Ahead of Schedule Before Filming Shutdown

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard says that the season 4 production was ahead of schedule before they had to shutdown due to the current pandemic. Since premiering in 2016, Stranger Things has been one of Netflix’s most popular and acclaimed original programs, setting viewership records and earning numerous awards accolades. Considering its success over its three seasons to date, it’s no surprise Netflix is busy working on Stranger Things season 4, building off of season 3’s cliffhanger ending and continuing the story in exciting fashion.

Stranger Things season 4 started filming earlier this year, before the coronavirus pandemic took a turn for the worse. When the spread of COVID-19 forced the entertainment industry to shut down, Stranger Things season 4 was one of the many projects indefinitely put on hold. It was only a month into production when the delay happened, meaning there’s still a lot of work left to be done. Fortunately, however, the crew was working pretty efficiently prior to the lockdown.

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Wolfhard spoke about the new season’s production progress in an interview with The Guardian. He described the sudden shutdown, revealing the general mood of the cast and crew:

“It was perfect. We were ahead of schedule, which has never happened before, because there’s never a realistic approach to scheduling, and then boom, it just stopped, and everyone had to go home, and everyone’s just so sad…”

Wolfhard’s statement about the progress of production before shutdown could be good news for when they start up again. Having gotten ahead of schedule, there will be less that has to be done before production is complete, hopefully preventing too much more delay. While the pandemic forced physical production to shutdown, others involved in creating the new season of Stranger Things, like the writers, have been able to keep working. Just last week, the writing team announced that all of the scripts for season 4 are officially finished. With television and film productions finally being allowed to start up again, fans are hoping that Stranger Things will be one of the first to resume.

After months of shutdown, multiple movies and TV shows are gearing up to resume production soon, including Jurassic World 3 and The Witcher. That potentially bodes well for Stranger Things season 4 starting back up in the near future, especially if these other restarts go off without a hitch. Stranger Things season 4 was previously planned for an early 2021 release, but that’s highly unlikely now. But thanks to Wolfhard’s comments, hopefully the Stranger Things team will be well on their way to completing season 4 when they get back, and any delay isn’t too severe.

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Source: The Guardian

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