Star Wars Canon Freezes LEIA In Carbonite After Empire (Yes, Really)

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars #3 below.

One of the more shocking moments in Star Wars canon is when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. Now, it’s Princess Leia’s turn to meet the same fate, as in a new Star Wars comic, she’s the latest rebel hero to get frozen.

In Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz’s newest Star Wars series, Leia, Luke, and Lando return to Cloud City in order to take back what is theirs. Luke wants to retrieve his lightsaber, while Lando wants to get some control back of his former home. However, Leia also has her own plan – and it doesn’t go well for her.

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In Star Wars #3, the group successfully makes it to Cloud City, taking out a handful of Stormtroopers to gain access within its walls. It’s there Leia tells Lando and Luke that she has her own errands to run and splits up with the rebels, telling them she’ll make it back before they need to leave. Unfortunately, as she tries to get through a “decarbonization sequence” code to unfreeze Han, she’s knocked out by a Stormtrooper’s blaster. A couple of Stormtrooper’s commend Vader’s carbonization process, while it’s revealed that Leia has been frozen just like Han before her.

Leia being frozen in carbonite is never mentioned in any of the Star Wars films, so Soule is writing in a brand new wrinkle in the canon with the decision to freeze her. The chances she isn’t immediately free are slim, considering the comic takes place between the events of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – the latter of which begins with Leia, Luke and Lando trying to free Han from his carbonite prison by dealing with the gluttonous crime kingpin Jabba the Hutt.

What doesn’t help Leia’s case is Commander Zahra wants Leia’s head for the events that killed Empire soldiers (and someone close to her) after she helped destroy the Death Star: “Not long from now, I will whisper the name in Leia’s Organa’s Ear. And then my blade will find her throat.” So, if being frozen in carbonite wasn’t a big enough issue, Leia’s battle to get off Cloud City and out of the hands of the Empire will be further complicated. Thankfully, Luke, Lando (and Lobot?) should be there to help her get out of the mess. Star Wars #3 is in comic shops now!

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