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When Gene Roddenberry came up with the idea of Star Trek, he envisioned humans as a fledgling species that had just discovered the ability to explore the worlds around them. During this exploration, Starfleet has mostly encountered species far beyond their own.


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With technology and intellects that would have been deemed as God-like or all-knowing under any other circumstances. Luckily, humans have been able to hold their own, acting as intergalactic leeches, sucking the knowledge from far superior species and using it as a guide to the stars. So out of the hundreds of species seen on screen, what are the top 10 smartest alien races in Star Trek?

10 Nacene

These are probably one of the stranger looking species ever seen on Star Trek. The Nacene were violet non-corporeal or energy-based creatures with tentacles for appendages. While it is somewhat unclear as to their intellectual ceiling, it is known that their technology vastly exceeded that of humans, as they had subspace manipulation capabilities that could transport hundreds of ships light-years away in mere seconds.

As a species, they had created holographic self-aware technology capable of thinking and acting on its own. Like humans, the Nacene were explorers who traveled across infinite galaxies to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

9 Ba’ku

The Ba’ku might appear as nothing more than immortal, pacifist farmers, but their history was one of exploration. Their species successfully engineered warp drive and could create positronic devices and brains that gave artificial intelligence not just sentience but free will. Some Ba’ku had found ways to slow down time itself in localized areas. They were known for their clarity of mind and peaceful dispositions.

After creating advanced weaponry, the Ba’ku found themselves on the edge of extinction. To save themselves from themselves, they slowed down their technological advancements, preferring to live forever on their planet as simple farmers.

8 Cytherians

Unlike, many other alien species Starfleet has encountered, the Cytherians were not explorers. Instead, their method of contact involved the other species coming to them. As a species, they understood subspace distortion, a knowledge they were willing to share with others who made contact with them.

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What made them unique was their ability to implant their consciousness into ships as a means of driving it to their home planet. As a people, the Cytherians enjoyed their isolated tendencies, preferring to pick and choose who they made contact with, instead of just haplessly encountering various other species.

7 Vulcans

Vulcans are similar to humans in many different ways. Besides a few biological differences that make them suitable for a desert world. Their vast intellect is the direct result of their ability to rid themselves of emotion. Instead, choosing to use their intellect towards furthering their scientific superiority.

In earlier times, Vulcans were a war-like people, but their countless wars almost led to their destruction. Forcing them to ban most of their advanced technology to keep the peace. While working with Starfleet, the Vulcans engineered a more complex but capable transporter technology.

6 Changelings

Having the ability to change their forms, Changelings were, at times, misunderstood by solid species. This lack of understanding led Changelings to have a negative and distrustful view of other species. This view led them to believe in nothing but a slave or master role.

Being an advanced species, many of the worlds they conquered believed them to be God-like beings, a view that Changelings never sought to clarify. With many of them having a hive mind, they were able to learn knowledge through merging their essence and minds in their liquid forms.

5 Organians

Organians were non-corporeal beings, who had long ago, advanced beyond the need for bodies. As species created by the race known as the Preservers, Organians eventually were able to reach a level equal to or greater than their creators.

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A peace-love people, the Organians sought to preserve their knowledge, hiding it away from more hostile neighbors. This preservation of their knowledge kept them in a state of evolution as a people. While, at times, Organians desired other species around them to make peace with each other, for the post part Organians were above the petty turmoil of lesser species.

4 Ancient Humanoids

The creators and direct ancestor of modern humans, the Ancient Humanoids seeded multiple planets to spread life throughout the universe. Being the oldest and possibly first race to complete interstellar travel, they found the universe barren and desired to populate it in their image.

They were so advanced that they created holographic images within the blood of their descendant species as a means of getting them to cooperate in cracking the message. Those descended from Ancient Humanoids did come together to observe the message; however, only the Romulans and humans desired to take their advice.

3 Borg

The Borg were a cybernetic drone species that numbered in the trillions. A destructive and warlike people with a hive mind, they desired to assimilate the entire universe into Borg. While it is unknown as to their original species’ intelligence, the Borg had assimilated with so many worlds, that the knowledge of the conquered became their own.

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The Borg were a highly technological race that had knowledge of transwarp and used maturation chambers as a way of accelerating the development of baby humanoids, so they could quickly serve the Borg collective.

2 The Prophets

The Prophets or otherwise known as “wormhole aliens” were a non-corporeal blue and translucent orbs of energy, who were from the inside of a stable wormhole. The Prophets communicated to outsiders by either possessing their body or appearing to them in a dream-like state of someone that individual knew.

They learned this personal knowledge by being able to scan a person’s mind. They are a species who live outside the realm of time and space, making them immortal. Their comprehension of other beings is that of a God trying to learn the plight of a mere human.

1 Q

Simply known as the Q, these extra-dimensional beings were immortal and possibly the most advanced beings to ever be seen on Star Trek. They are so powerful they can alter time itself while having the ability to destroy any form of matter in the universe. The Q were benevolent beings who, when encountered by the crews of Star Fleet vessels, seemed to be working towards enlightening races beneath their own.

Some of their abilities include matter-energy transformation and instant teleportation to anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The power of their intellect was so vast that many Q claimed to be all-knowing.

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