‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Cast Reveal Athletic Capabilities: ‘Love Contact Sports’

The premiere of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” is just a few weeks away now, which means MTV has been sharing a series of videos teasing the season and introducing fans to the cast members on the 37th season. This week, the network released a video featuring a few rookies introducing themselves and what they will bring to the show.

Interestingly enough, two “Survivor” alums, including one who won the show and the million-dollar prize, both revealed that they still have regular 9-to-5 jobs, which is quite a change from many of the stars of “The Challenge” today.

Michele Fitzgerald, who won “Survivor: Kaoh Rong,” revealed, “I still work a 9-to-5 job even though I won a million dollars.” Michaela Bradshaw made similar comments when she explained, “I’m a regular everyday person. I have a job, I work eight hours a day, do regular stuff… for now,” she added.

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Several of the Rookies Described the Skills They Have That Will Benefit Them on the Show

The majority of the video clip showed various rookies highlighting the qualities that will benefit them on the show. Tacha Akide from “Big Brother Nigeria” described herself as “resilient” and “bold” as well as a “hard worker and a go-getter.” Her “Big Brother Nigeria” costar Esther Agunbiade said, “I am very smart, I can be fun when I’m comfortable in my environment and I’m very direct.”

Emanuel Neagu, who appeared on “Survivor Romania,” claimed that, “I’m stronger than I look, I’m confident but at the same time I’m d*** humble.” The tattooed reality star and dancer added, “I might look bad but I’m a good guy.” Emanuel also joined “The Challenge” alongside a costar from his original show, “Survivor Romania’s” Emy Alupei. Emy explained that she’s a singer as well as a rapper and still lives with her mother. She said her goal is to make her late grandmother proud.

Logan Sampedro from “Survivor Spain” spoke about his athletic background: “I love contact sports, I do boxing and jiu-jitsu,” he said, but clarified that the martial arts experience is “just to protect myself, I don’t like to hit people.” Jeremiah White from “Love Island US” revealed that he’s from a small town and a “country boy at heart” but he has a strong competitive spirit having grown up playing football.

Some of the rookies also revealed that they’ve seen some of “The Challenge” before, with Jeremiah saying that he started watching it a few seasons ago and loves the competitive nature of the reality show. Priscilla Anyabu from the U.K.’s “Love Island” said she’s a big fan of the show: “I am so, so, so competitive and I always love to get down and dirty so I was like, ‘The Challenge’ is for me.”

Bettina Buchanan was also featured in the clip and revealed that she was a professional dancer before becoming a reality TV star and competed for the Swedish national team and won the Swedish championship.

The Rookies Will Outnumber the Veterans on This Season of ‘The Challenge’

This season, the cast will start out with 34 hopefuls all battling out for their chance to win a share of a million dollars. One thing that immediately stood out from the cast list was that there are more rookies on the show than there are returning vets. Nineteen international and American reality stars from various shows will be on our screens alongside 15 familiar “Challenge” faces.

Beyond the rookie/veteran battle lines, there will also be 17 international stars and 17 American stars, so it will be interesting to see what kind of alliances form. For example, there are two stars from “Love Island US” season two but also “Love Island” stars from other countries, while there are two contestants from Romania and two from Nigeria so the lines could be drawn any number of ways.

The veterans will mostly all be familiar with each other as well as all of them appeared on “Double Agents” with the exception of Amanda Garcia, who is returning to the franchise after a multi-season break.

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