Space Force: 5 Reasons Why General Naird Is The Best (& 5 Reasons He Should Be Fired)

General Naird is the First General of the United State’s newest branch of defense, Space Force. With a brand new branch to launch and a country to protect, General Naird has his hands full. Along with the epic roller coaster he goes through at work, he has a daughter who’s having troubles in their new home and a wife who’s incarcerated.

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With so much on his plate and no one to talk to who’s been through this before, General Naird has made some questionable decisions over the course of 10 episodes in the first season of Netflix’s Space Force. A few of those decisions have viewers wondering if he’s even competent enough to hold the position of First General. To see five reasons why he’s great at his job and should remain as general (and five reasons why he should be fired), keep reading.

10 Best: His Singing Outbursts Help Him Make Better Decisions

At the end of the first episode, General Naird needed a moment to compose himself. As he’s staring out the window at the rocket, he breaks out in song singing “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys. As adorably odd as it was seeing the very serious Naird break out in song, he had a clear head and open mind afterward. After singing to himself, he was able to make the right decision to send the satellite to space, even though he was pressured not to.

Throughout the season, he continues to sing to himself as a way to calm down, which is honorable. It takes a lot to quiet the mind and focus on the greater good.

9 Fired: He Has No Concept Of Budget

In the episode “Mark and Mallory go to Washington,” General Naird has a budgetary meeting with congress. He’s asking for a 150% increase in their Space Force budget and is questioned why he needs that kind of increase so soon.

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In the paperwork he gave to congress, Naird blacked out most of the reasons why they need the money because it’s confidential, which didn’t help his case. Furthermore, viewers found out Space Force sent $10,000 worth of produce to space, which seemed like a waste of money. He even said money didn’t matter. Granted, he noted people mattered more than money, but he doesn’t put up a good fight.

8 Best: He Chooses His Duties Over His Family

In terms of General Naird as a professional in the military, his dedication is undeniable. He would do anything for his country and takes his duties seriously. So much so that he spends more time at work than he does with his family.

With Maggie in jail, their daughter Erin is by herself a lot and doesn’t have the closest bond with her dad like she used to. While he may not be the best father or husband at the moment, General Naird is definitely a devoted general that the country can rely on.

7 Fired: He Left Two Animals In Space

So, whatever happened to the monkey and dog in space? In the second episode, General Naird finds out the military sent a monkey and a dog into space to do special projects because it would be fun for viewers on earth to see how advanced the space task force was. However, NASA never brought the animals home.

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In fact, they have been left alone with no contact for weeks. General Naird was unaware of the situation and was told it would be too expensive to bring the two animals home. He claimed he would do everything in his power to bring the animals back but nothing ever came from it. The episode ended and the monkey and dog were never spoken of again. Is General Naird forgetful or does he just not care about them left behind?

6 Best: He Beat The Air Force In ‘Space Flag’

In the episode “Space Flag,” Space Force goes head to head in a fictional war with the Air Force. General Grabaston of the Air Force and General Naird have been going head to head throughout the entire series. It was finally time to see who was a better fit for war: Space Force or the Air Force.

With the help of Dr. Mallory, General Naird and Space Force were able to defeat Air Force in their first ever war games, which solidified Naird’s role as general.

5 Fired: He Sent Two Individuals To Space Without Proper Training Or A Background Check

To be fair, General Naird wanted to assist with searching for talented technicians for Space Force’s trip to the moon, but he had a conjugal visit with his wife Maggie. Instead, Dr. Mallory took charge. Sadly, the search didn’t go as well as Dr. Mallory would have hoped. He needed to fill two more positions and all of his candidates turned down the opportunity to go to the moon.

Knowing he was limited on time, he ended up blindly selecting two individuals who weren’t properly trained, prepared, or educated for the position. Furthermore, he never did a background check on them, which blew up in his face. Dr. Mallory’s ignorance in the matter reflected poorly on General Naird.

4 Best: He Instills Confidence In Those Around Him

General Naird is as serious as they come. Even his jokes are hidden by a straight face. As a decorated and beloved military general, Naird’s focus on teamwork and loyalty outshine all his downfalls. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his country and he tries to instill the same confidence and leadership in those he’s working with. Viewers see this especially with Captain Angela Ali.

3 Fired: He Doesn’t Trust His Colleagues

As a general in the military, General Naird has to trust those around him while also being trustworthy himself. Loyalty and dedication are key in his chosen profession. It’s obvious he has downfalls with those he works closest to (like Dr. Mallory) but does he really trust the people he lets in? The audience sees him overreact when he finds a double-encrypted email sent to a random email address from Dr. Mallory. Naird also trust his personal assistant, Brad Gregory, and he constantly questions Space Force’s social media director, Tony.

2 Best: He Made Sure The Astronauts Were Protected

Fans learn later in the series that Dr. Mallory isn’t necessarily pro-violence; there are avenues he would like to entertain before launching a war with someone. However, after Space Force saw China’s moon cruiser run over the American flag, General Naird was ready for war on the moon. General Naird told Captain Ali that there were loaded guns on-board and to prepare for battle. As soon as Dr. Mallory found out, he exploded with rage because it went against previous conversations and notions. At the end of the day, though, it’s General Naird’s duty to keep his astronauts safe and this was just one way of doing so.

1 Fired: The Moon Battle With China

Speaking of a battle with China on the moon… It was smart to go into space prepared for the unthinkable but it’s also very irresponsible to launch a war with China in space when no country owns the moon. Instead of preparing his astronauts for battle, General Naird should have found another place for the Americans to land instead. Both Chinese generals told Naird to land elsewhere and yet he decided to land nearby in the middle of their testing zone. Better communication and planning could have been done to avoid a hostile situation.

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