‘Silly,’ ‘Nonsense’: Suns Star, Coach Rip Media & Defend Chris Paul

After the Suns loss back in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, star guard Devin Booker made clear he was not a fan of the kind of question that singles out veteran point guard Chris Paul among the group. Booker’s perspective is clear: The Suns’ playoff journey has always been about more than Paul and to wonder whether the team feels good or bad for Paul depending on whether it wins or loses is a bit cheap and not fair to anyone involved.

Throughout the postseason, the Suns have been asked to put into perspective Paul’s career and whether this run to the Finals alters his legacy. That, of course, is not for members of the team to decide, and it was clear the team tired of those kinds of questions from the media.

“Next question,” Booker said on Saturday night when he was asked, “How frustrated are you for Chris right now?”

It happened again after the team lost Game 6 against the Bucks on Tuesday. Booker was still frustrated by the question, but gave a deft answer.

“I mean, our whole group, again,” Booker said. “You know, I got a Chris question before, but all of us wanted it. All of us wanted it. But, I heard what coach Monty said about people saying you know that solidifies his career and that’s complete nonsense to the real hoopers out there. But our group, we supported Chris all the way, he led us this whole entire season and this is our first year together. So just developing a relationship, developing a trust amongst each other throughout the whole season and for it to fall short like this it’s tough on all of us.”

Suns coach Monty Williams: ‘It’s Just Silly’

Coach Monty Williams did, in fact, address the topic in his emotional postgame press conference. Williams, of course, was also the head coach in New Orleans when Paul was there 10 years ago, and Paul ultimately pushed for a trade out of that franchise, heading to the Clippers.

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— Phoenix Suns (@Suns) July 21, 2021

Williams said he mostly wanted to win a championship for Paul and for Booker. But he laid into the media for hanging players like Paul with a bad reputation if they fail to win a championship. In 16 NBA seasons, Paul has been All-NBA 10 times and an All-Star 11 times.

“It’s laughable when you talk about guys like Chris who have had these unreal careers and yet they get penalized because they haven’t won a title,” Williams said. “You know, that was my goal was to win it for him and Book, those guys have carried us all year long. And Chris, this is my second time coach