Shaun The Sheep 2 Voice Cast & Character Guide

Who’s voicing who in Shaun The Sheep Movie 2? Famed for their stop-motion animation and lovable character creations, Aardman has become a British cinematic institution, and the adventures of Shaun The Sheep represent some of their most famous work. Originating from the Wallace & Gromit film A Close Shave, Shaun made his solo feature debut in 2015, and not only was the sheep’s theatrical bow a big hit at the box office, it also wowed fans and critics with its typically slick, instantly recognizable visuals and universal, wholesome humor. Given the unanimous love directed at Shaun’s first adventure, it’s little surprise that Aardman would follow-up with a sequel.

A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon takes the fun into outer space, allowing for all kinds of sci-fi puns and genre parody the franchise is known for. The simple premise revolves around Shaun and his fellow sheep helping a crash-landed alien find her way home before the pesky British government get there first and arrest her for entering the country illegally, one would assume. Like its predecessor, Shaun The Sheep 2 doesn’t contain dialogue in a traditional sense, instead relying on noises and sounds to convey the emotions of the characters. Here are all the cast and characters baa-ing their way through Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon.

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A veteran of children’s TV and entertainment, Shaun is played by Justin Fletcher, otherwise known as Mr. Tumble, who was awarded an MBE in 2008 for his various career and charity achievements. Communicating through bleating, Shaun is as heroic as sheep get, with a mischievous side and no lack of smarts. Justin has voiced Shaun since his debut in 1995 and also voices Timmy in Farmageddon.

Another Shaun The Sheep veteran, Sparkes has provided sounds for Bitzer since Shaun started appearing in his own TV spinoff series, and is well known for both his more mature comedy work and for voicing various beloved children’s TV characters, including roles in Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig. Bitzer is the sheepdog of Shaun’s farm (incidentally, Sparkes also voices the farmer), but the two animals are actually best friends.

Lu-La is the big newcomer to the Shaun The Sheep family, as the alien who crash-lands on Shaun’s farm and is forced to run from the authorities with the help of the locals. Vitale appeared in the 2015 Patrick Stewart-fronted Christmas Eve, but Shaun The Sheep 2 marks her first feature-length voice performance.

Nyman is a familiar name in various circles. He has appeared in a variety of acting roles, including small parts in Kick Ass 2 as The Tumor and Despicable Me 3 as Clive. He also had a cameo as a guard in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. However, Nyman will more likely be known for his frequent collaborations with Derren Brown and for co-creating Ghost Stories, the film adaptation of which he directed, wrote and starred in. Nuts has appeared in Shaun The Sheep previously.

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The antagonist of Shaun The Sheep 2, Agent Red comes from the Ministry For Alien Detection and is on a mission to hunt down Lu-La before she escapes. Harbour is a well-versed voice actress across British children’s television and also voices Timmy’s mother, as she has done since 2007.

While the role may be that of a humble pizza delivery boy, Joe Sugg may be a familiar name to many heading into Shaun The Sheep 2. Beginning his career as a popular YouTube personality along with sister Zoella, Sugg has since branched out into TV and film, debuting in The SpongBob Movie: A Sponge Out of Water and performing on Strictly Come Dancing (the U.K.’s version of Dancing With The Stars) in 2018.

  • David Holt as Mugg-IN5
  • Richard Webber as Ub-Do and Shirley
  • Emma Tate as Hazel

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