Rip Hamilton: Klay Thompson is a ‘Hired Sniper’


Klay Thompson

Former Detroit Pistons guard and mid-range sniper Richard Hamilton sat down with me to discuss sneakers, the Chicago Bulls and more on the most recent episode of Heavy presents I’m Just Saying.

I asked Rip which players in the NBA currently use a similar style to his to find success. Hamilton almost immediately mentioned Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson, but he was sure to give the multi-time All-Star his props for what he called “unlimited range.”

Hamilton said:

Oh man, the one guy I play close attention to is Klay Thompson. His style of play, moving without the ball; him and Steph Curry using screens, I mean both guys got unlimited range on a jump shot. I was the guy that really mastered the mid-range jump shot. These guys pull up four or five feet from the three-point line. These guys are hired snipers, but I love watching them two guys just the way they approach the game, how they use their teammates to get open shots. I love watching DeMar DeRozan and Bradley Beal. I tell people the mid-range is a lost art, but you know if you watch the playoffs every guy is shooting it and everyone that won the championship, you watch how the game goes–especially late in games–you’ve seen Devin Booker have success in the playoffs, he’s another guy that I admire. If I had to say five guys they would be the five guys.

Here is a look at the entire interview:

Rip Hamilton Talks Bulls, Derrick Rose Injury, MJ & Scottie Pippen Beef, More#Pistons #Bulls #NBA Detroit Pistons legend Rip Hamilton joined Brian Mazique to talk sneakers (specifically ebay’s Hard-to-Find Gift Shoppe), players he compares to himself, Derrick Rose’s injury, the Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen beef and more.2021-11-22T08:15:57Z

When is Klay Thompson Returning?

Thompson’s return is quickly approaching. He hasn’t played in two seasons, but despite his absence, the Warriors have the best record in the NBA heading into the Thanksgiving break.

Thompson took part in a full practice with his teammates on Wednesday and he appeared to be in solid shape after the session.


Thompson’s teammate Kevon Looney talked up Thompson’s return to practice. Per ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Looney said:

“Klay looked good. Especially for someone who had been out that long. You can still tell that he’s got work to do, and he’s been working hard, he looks good, he looks like an NBA player, he looks like a top-notch athlete already. So I’m excited to see him get back on the court. He gets better every day, every week, so I’m excited to see the next step he takes.”

Richard Hamilton’s Shoe Collection is Serious

Hamilton and I also discussed his shoe collections. That’s part of the draw for him to work with ebay on their Hard-to-Find Gift Shoppe concept. Hamilton has been with Jordan Brand since his rookie season in the NBA.

His connection with Michael Jordan has afforded him access to some of the most rare Jordans and colorways in existence. Because Hamilton is a known sneakerhead, I asked him to compare his collection to another NBA player whose shoes are among the most voluminous, the Miami Heat PJ Tucker.

Hamilton says Tucker’s collection is probably larger because he has shoes from several brands. However, Hamilton says Tucker’s collection of Jordans doesn’t compare to his–especially when it comes to PEs. I wonder if PJ or Hamilton have any Antas in their collection.

On that front, Thompson likely has both men faded.

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