PUBG's Anniversary Skins Are The Opposite Of Good Camouflage

The battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS recently passed its third year on the market, and to celebrate the game is providing players with new weapon and clothing skins which may ultimately hurt their chances of winning the game. PUBG has been through a massive series of updates and refinements since it was originally released to the public, but the overall popularity of the battle royale genre it helped to introduce has only grown over time.

Despite competitors like FortniteApex Legends, and the newly-released battle royale-focused Call of Duty: WarzonePUBG remains a popular choice for players thanks to the developer’s penchant for routinely adding in new weapons, content, and maps for players to engage with. The game also sports a large Esports following, and although PUBG Esports have had some controversy regarding how certain information and team communication was handled, it still remains a popular choice for hardcore shooter fans across the world. However, it’s doubtful any of those professional players will want to enter a match wearing the latest PUBG skins.

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According to a recent blog post on PUBG’s official website, the company is offering players some free item skins to celebrate their third anniversary, including one pink hoodie which definitely isn’t going to help anyone trying to blend in on Erangel. The custom M416 skin on offer isn’t much different, also sporting a pink and turqoise color scheme, although interestingly they were both created by separate people, @Karaagekun_KEI and @DY_Buddy respectively, through the first ever PUBG Community Skin Design Contest. The third anniversary skin, a parachute skin designed by @SEC34627111, doesn’t match the previous two, instead sporting a red and gold theme. Check them all out below:

Along with the announcement of the PUBG anniversary skins (which players can grab for free just by logging in) the company also announced that they “want to continue to improve upon what’s made PUBG so popular” over the past three years. They promised the return of an updated, reworked Vikendi, as well as other “map reworks, new maps, new weapons & mechanics, additional game options such as Arcade’s Team Deathmatch, and of course quality of life improvements & bug fixes.”

The return of Vikendi is something many players are likely looking forward to, but this new PUBG 3rd anniversary skin likely won’t do players any favors on that map either, as the bright pink hoodie and gun will surely stand out against Vikendi’s snowy landscape and drab abandoned buildings. Although this free hoodie is clearly sporting an undeniably cool-looking design, until PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS releases an 1980’s Miami map players will surely be better off wearing something else when trying to survive out on the battlefield.

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