Prince William Reportedly Upset He & Prince Harry Are ‘Separate Entities’

Prince William is reportedly upset that he and Prince Harry are now “separate entities.” The two brothers used to be thick as thieves, but since Prince Harry has gotten married, their dynamic has changed.

The royals are currently going through a transitional phase, following some not-so-private personal matters surfacing in the public eye. The Queen has reigned with her husband by her side for the past 67 years, following strict protocol ever since she was crowned in 1953. However, that protocol hasn’t been followed quite as strictly by her grandson, Harry, who has been distancing himself from the monarchy for some time now.

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According to the The Sunday Times, Prince William is devastated that he and his younger brother are no longer as close as they were when they were young boys. Prince William reportedly confided in a friend that he was unhappy that he and The Duke of Sussex had started living as “separate entities.” The unrest came at the same time that Prince Harry announced his plans last week to step back from his senior duties.

The source explained that Prince William said he had put his arm around his brother his whole life and encouraged him, but acknowledges that he can no longer do that anymore. The Duke of Cambridge revealed that all he could do now was try and support the younger prince to the best of his ability and hopes that one day they might be on the same page when it comes to family. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan made the shocking announcement that they had decided to reevaluate their roles within the Royal Family. The two released a statement saying that they had chosen to make a transition in 2020 that would help carve out a progressive new role for themselves.

The royal couple has left a bad taste in the Royal Family’s mouth, as well as their admirers. Some see it as selfish, others see it as liberating. Harry and Meghan also announced that they would strive to become more financially independent, even though they are currently in talks with the Queen for a hefty payout. Buckingham Palace had no warning of the couple’s intentions and left Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton taken aback. The four have already made headlines for their rift. Hopefully, though, the brothers are able to find peace amid this public drama.

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Source: The Sunday Times

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