New Girl Season 6: 5 Things We Love About This Season (& 5 That We Don't)

Over its seven-season run, New Girl proved to be incredible, and arguably one of the most underrated comedy shows of the 21st century, the fact it had to fight for the last set of eight episodes is pretty criminal. However, before those episodes, there was season six, the season of the show most fans will point to as easily being the worst of the show’s run.

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Despite this reputation that the last present-day set season has garnered as the worst of the seven, there is a good bit to love about it, with plenty to – at the very least – enjoy alongside the problems within it.

10 Love – Nick & His Book

Before long, New Girl thankfully became an ensemble piece with the initially supporting characters shining. Nick Miller is a massive part of why that is the case.

For years fans had heard about Nick and the book he wants to write and, finally, in season six, that book was born as “The Pepperwood Chronicles.” It was fantastic to see Nick finally fulfill that potential, and release a book that kicks off his writing career and blows everybody’s minds.

9 Don’t – Watered Down

Nick’s book and his subsequent maturity and career are indicative of an issue many fans have with season six, and it is that the characters and stories within it are very watered down.

Nearly everybody has matured, grown-up, moved on from the antics of seasons past. As such, with everybody moving on in such an admirable, adult manner, much of the charm, heart, and humor from the previous seasons have gone.

8 Love – Schmidt & Cece

Cece and Schmidt are arguably at the head of this, with their marriage and seeking out for a new house being the prime example of maturity and moving on.

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However, that is unfair to the pair as they are amazing together, and in this season we get to see even more of how much they are meant to be together. They may be a bit watered down, but really they have grown and changed together while still being funny, great characters, with their journey being a great one to watch.

7 Don’t – Jess & Robbie/Nick & Reagan

While Cece and Schmidt are fantastic together throughout the season, two couples that do not work consistently throughout the season, and who are pretty hated by fans, are Jess and Robbie, and Nick and Reagan.

Nick and Reagan would have faired better if their relationship wrapped up in the first half of the season; they were never going to be together and did not match up great. Jess and Robbie is just a mess. Nick and Reagan have some good times to many fans, Jess and Robbie are consistently silly and unfunny, and is a shining example of how weak of a character Jess is in this season.

6 Love – Winnie The Bish (& Aly)

The show’s beginning saw it be solely Jess’s series, it grew into Nick and Schmidt’s show, and when he was allowed to, Winston popped up to be the MVP.

The fact he gets essential stories in this season is fantastic as he is consistently one of the show’s funniest and kindest characters. His relationship with Aly shines, but even just on his own, Winston is fantastic.

5 Don’t – The Lack Of Ensemble Episodes

As fantastic as Winston-centric episodes are, as well as other singular character-centric episodes can be, one thing sorely missing from season six is a good number of truly ensemble episodes.

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Most of the time, the leading five get split up in pairs, trios, or with their significant others outside of the group. There should have been more ensemble episodes that encompassed all five, or even four of the five main characters.

4 Love – The Fact It Was Not The Last Season

It is a bit strange to say that one of the best things about a season is that it got another season on top of it, but the fact is that if it were not for season seven, season six would have been far worse.

Some fans believe the show could have and should have ended before season seven, but had it ended like it so very nearly did with season six, it would not have been an incredibly satisfying last season. Thankfully the show got renewed for an eight-episode last season, which was great and improved season six in the process.

3 Don’t – It Is Rushed

One of the main reasons season six being the last season of the show would have been a mistake is that the sixth season, in the end, gets very rushed.

With the future of the show unclear, the show had to get crafted in a way that the season finale could double up as a series finale. Unfortunately, this results in stories getting rushed leading up to the finish.

2 Love – “Five Stars For Beezus”

But, despite the season getting very rushed in the end, “Five Stars For Beezus” was a fantastic season finale and had season six been the last, it would have been a good finale, even if the rest of the season does not meet those standards.

The will they/won’t they of Jess and Nick finally getting resolved, Winston possibly getting reconnected with his father, and Cece and Schmidt finding out they are pregnant are all brilliant and emotional. Fans are thankful there were episodes to finish things off and tie everything up, but “Five Stars To Beezus” is still great.

1 Don’t – Jess

Nick finishes his book, polishes himself up a bit, and becomes an author. Winston is doing great as a cop and gets engaged to Aly. Cece and Schmidt are married, move out the loft, with Cece starting her own business. Then there is Jess.

The show quickly stopped being hers early on, with the supporting cast consistently outshining her, with her hiatus in season five creating some great episodes, proving the show does not need her.

In this season, though, she may be at her worst. She has not grown or changed; she is stagnant and still gets involved in everybody’s business without getting asked, makes everything about her, is incredibly childish in a way that was fun when she had the potential to grow, yet never does. Even in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover, Jess makes Jake Peralta look like a smart, responsible adult. She is by far the worst character in the season, with her and Nick’s reunion her only real highlight.

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