Narcos Mexico Season 3: Release Date & Story Details


Will Netflix greenlight Narcos: Mexico season 3? In 2015, the Narcos franchise began a three-season run about Pablo Escobar’s rise and fall in Colombia, and was followed by two seasons about Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo’s formation of the Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico. Narcos: Mexico season 2 premiered in February 2020.


Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 2 explores how Gallardo (Diego Luna) created the model for the current Mexican Cartel system. The season begins with DEA agent Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) seeking justice for the murder of colleague Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña), whose torture and death is depicted in Narcos: Mexico season 1. The collective 10 episodes of Narcos: Mexico season 2 deconstruct the power dynamics within various “plazas,” or territories, and show how Gallardo’s associates react to his unpredictable behavior.

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As a whole, Narcos: Mexico season 2 maintains a high level of suspense, but also offers a history lesson about the origin story of modern-day Mexican cartels. And the second spin-off installment also teases a brand new storyline, one that could possibly take place in the United States. Here’s what to expect for Narcos: Mexico season 3 – or  “Narcos: Los Angeles season 1” – on Netflix.

Netflix hasn’t ordered Narcos: Mexico season 3 but will undoubtedly produce a new installment in the near future. The franchise has received positive reviews in the past five years, and the shifting historical storylines imply that Netflix could either continue a Mexico-based narrative or potentially begin a new spinoff elsewhere. Whatever the case, Netflix usually waits three to six weeks before announcing decisions about renewals/cancellations after new season premieres. For context, Narcos: Mexico season 1 debuted in November 2018 and was re-upped approximately three weeks later. Expect Netflix to order Narcos: Mexico season 3 around the first week of March 2020 or shortly thereafter.

In general, Netflix usually maintains a one-season-per-year model for drama series. This was the case with the original three seasons of Narcos set in Colombia. With Narcos: Mexico, however, a full 15 months passed between the release dates for seasons 1 and 2. Moving forward, fans can expect the same schedule. It’s likely that Narcos: Mexico season 3, or possibly a new spin-off, will release sometime in Spring 2021.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 ends with Gallardo’s downfall, as various Mexican narcos leave the Federation to control their respective plazas. First, however, Walt loses nearly his entire team during a mission and appears to be a broken man. His colleagues show a certain level of respect after Gallardo is captured, and Walt struggles to pinpoint what he should do next while re-locating to El Paso.

The conclusion of Narcos: Mexico seas0n 2 marks the end of the era, evidenced by Walt’s prison meeting with Gallardo in a Mexican prison. First, Walt confronts Gallardo about murdering Kiki and prepares to leave. But he just needs to more about what to expect next, and Gallardo essentially foreshadows what will transpire over the coming years and decades in the Mexican underworld.

From a 2020 perspective, most viewers already know what will happen: the rise of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán (portrayed by Alejandro Edda in Narcos: Mexico season 2) and other Mexican narcos. But Walt can’t possibly know how everything will go down, which makes the final moments of Narcos: Mexico season 2 so powerful. Gallardo suggests that “the madness has just begun,” and that Walt will miss him, if only because he provided a sense of structure while amassing power. Narcos: Mexico season 3 will either depict the early ’90s chaos in Mexico after Gallardo’s imprisonment or perhaps the rise of cocaine trafficking in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Maybe both.

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