My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Hawks

Fans of My Hero Academia met numerous Pro Heroes in the hit anime’s latest season, including one who will become crucial to the show’s plot going forward – at least if the manga is anything to go by. Hawks only briefly appeared at the tail end of season four, but he plays a major role in monitoring the League of Villains in the future, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of him in upcoming episodes.

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Hawks is a fairly compelling character to follow, with a likeable personality and an interesting backstory and mission. Still, there are a few things about the latest Pro Hero on My Hero Academia that just don’t completely add up. Here are 10 things that make no sense about Hawks.

10 He’s Ranked So Highly At His Age

If there’s one thing we know about Pro Heroes, it’s that they have lots of hoops to jump through before actually becoming one. That’s probably doubled for rising in the Hero Rankings, but Hawks seems to have done it easily at the young age of 22.

Given that the other Pros seem to look down on his laidback demeanor – and given that his quirk isn’t that powerful when it comes to physical strength – it’s a bit odd that Hawks managed to become the Number Two Hero so quickly. Perhaps it’s just all that private training.

9 His Disregard For Formalities

Hawks’ laidback attitude is part of his charm, and he’s right that presenting a less uptight personality to the public makes him more relatable as a hero. Still, it’s a wonder that Hawks turned out to be so informal and relaxed, particularly since he’s been receiving private hero training since childhood. Additionally, he’s been working with the Hero Public Safety Commission, which is no easygoing organization.

Hawks’ personality seems to be the antithesis of everything he represents, but it’s possible that these very institutions are the reasons he became so rebellious in the first place.

8 He Took On A Work-Study Student

The first mention of Hawks comes when Class 1-A’s work studies begin. Hawks takes on Tokoyami as a work-study student, and while it makes sense that he’d want to train another hero with birdlike qualities, it’s strange that the Pro Hero took on a mentee at all.

With the manga revealing that Hawks has a secret mission to contend with, it seems that involving a U.A. High student in his hero affairs would leave him at risk of being exposed. On top of that, Hawks himself says that he’s not all that invested in the next generation of heroes, so why bother supervising a member of that generation?

7 No One Ever Questions His Motives

Manga readers know that Hawks eventually winds up playing the double agent, fooling the Paranormal Liberation Front into giving him information to bring back to the Pro Heroes. Although the villains are hesitant about trusting him (though clearly not hesitant enough), the Pro Heroes he’s working with – even those who have no idea about the mission he’s on – never seem to question his allegiance.

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Given that Hawks does have a tendency to show up in the same places as the League, it’s a wonder that no Pro Hero has made a real effort of looking into him or his possible ulterior motives. It wouldn’t have gotten them very far, but it’s surprising nonetheless.

6 His Favorite Food Is Chicken

In the manga, Hawks reveals that his favorite food is chicken – which is a bit surprising, given his Quirk. With features that resemble a bird’s, one would think the Pro Hero would feel more of an affinity for other creatures with wings and feathers.

Alas, that isn’t the case. Hawks happily chows down on bird meat and doesn’t seem to have any reservations about it. Clearly, he doesn’t relate to birds all that much after all.

5 Nobody Heard Of Him Before Season 4

Given what a major hero Hawks has turned out to be, it’s surprising he never comes up earlier in My Hero Academia. Even if he’s off on a mission during this time, it seems likely Deku would know who he is and perhaps bring him up during one of his frequent fanboying and/or muttering episodes.

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Fans hear plenty about  All Might and Endeavor early on in the anime even when they’re offscreen, so why not Hawks? For a hero in the Top Three, he sure seems to fly under the radar.

4 He’s Not Utilized For More Rescue Missions

With all the espionage he’s engaging in, it’s clear that Hawks has a busy schedule. Still, after watching him rescue a building full of people during the final episodes of season four, fans have to wonder why Hawks hasn’t shown up to more crime scenes – particularly those where civilians are at risk.

Hawks’ ability to use his feathers to carry innocents out of harm’s way is an impressive one, and it’s one that seems to be underutilized in the anime. Where was he during All Might’s big showdown with All for One?

3 How Much He Looks Up To Endeavor

Recent manga chapters have shown flashbacks to Hawk’s childhood and in one of them, he’s holding an Endeavor doll. It’s no secret that Hawks looks up to the current Number One Hero, but it is surprising that it’s gone on this long.

Knowing Endeavor’s character – and how standoffish he’s been, especially before becoming Number One – it’s a bit strange that this is the hero Hawks chose to idolize growing up. Hawks places a lot of importance on being a likable hero who gives people hope, and Endeavor definitely didn’t fit that description prior to season four.

2 He Underestimated Twice

Given his extensive training and tendency toward cynicism, it seems unlikely that Hawks would underestimate any enemy he’s up against. That’s why it’s surprising that, even after successfully double-crossing Twice, he’s taken aback by the villain’s final show of power to protect his comrades.

He’s also surprised that Dabi arrives to confront him after killing Twice, showing that he’s underestimated not one but two, members of the League. That’s a bit out of character for him.

1 His Connection To Dabi

Dabi has always taunted Hawks but recent manga chapters have revealed that there may be a deeper connection between the two than fans first imagined. After all, Dabi knows the Pro Hero’s full name, which is something fans didn’t even learn until recently.

Is this just Dabi’s tendency to use intimate names to throw heroes off? After all, he did this with Endeavor, too. Or do Dabi and Hawks know each other somehow? This is something the series should make sense of soon but for now, their connection is downright confusing.

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