My Big Fat Fabulous Life's Whitney Way Thore Splits From Fiance

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Way Thore has split from her fiancé, Chase Severino. Fans did not see this coming as the two looked rock solid at the end of last season.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is a TLC gem that hit the airways back in 2015 and has made it to seven seasons. The North Carolina native originally found fame when she posted a video of herself dancing. Usually, a video like this would not cause such hysteria, but she had true talent who was struck with PCOD that caused her to gain a large amount of weight. Throughout the seasons, fans got to know Whitney’s friends and family. The dancer’s positive outlook on life recently led her to meet the man of her dreams.

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Sadly, this past Thursday, Whitney had to take to her Instagram account to clear the air about her relationship with Chase Severino. In a shocking revelation, Whitney let her followers know that the duo was no longer a couple as Chase was an expecting father. According to the North Carolina native, she and Chase had been spending time apart due to the pandemic and he rekindled an old relationship with a former flame, resulting in her becoming pregnant. During what read like a composed post, Whitney explained her former lover’s baby was due in October and that their engagement had ended.

Whitney tried to remain positive and asked that her fans do not retaliate with hate. Chase also posted on his Instagram explaining that he did not know where to start but he had nothing but respect for his time with Whitney. He also asked that fans respect his, Whitney’s, and the mother of his child’s privacy. The post came across as a bit cold as there was no public apology offered. Since the baby is due in October, it would mean that he had his tryst back in February. But after looking at both the social media accounts, both stars were still posting about one another or replying to fans.

Details have not been revealed whether this happened while the couple was on a break if Chase cheated. Fans are hoping for details come to light and the next season explains it all. Upon filtering through Chase’s profile, there was a picture from 2014 when he attended UNCC, which showed him with his girlfriend at the time, a blonde named Courtney. What stood out the most was a comment that looked like the follower knew the couple as they stated Chase goes out of his to make Courtney feel good every day and congratulating the duo. The comment was posted eight weeks ago, perfect timing for the mystery woman and Chase’s physical connection.

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