Mr. Rogers Lifts Thor’s Hammer In Wholesome Fan Webcomic

While Thor has visited countless incredible and exotic locales during his career as an Avenger, none could ever be as wholesome as when he visited Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in a fan webcomic. There he meets Mr. Rogers himself, and together on a rooftop, they have a wonderful chat about people and the struggles they face. Not only that, Mr. Rogers manages to surprise the Son of Odin when he’s able to lift his hammer with ease, a feat not many others beyond Thor can do.

Mr. Rogers is just as popular now as he was when he first started his show, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, on public television back in 1968. Several recent documentaries have done a wonderful job of showing his kind heart and the massive impact he and his show had, as well as a recent bio-pic featuring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. The short webcomic comes courtesy of writer Matthew Wisner with the artwork drawn by @bytwistwood, and honors Mr. Rogers – who passed in 2003 – by imagining him achieving this rare feat in the Marvel Universe.

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In the comic, Thor is setting up lightning rods on the roofs of several homes so they won’t get damaged by any storms he might be involved with. Hearing the commotion, Mr. Rogers comes up to roof to see where all the noise is coming from. The two talk, and Mr. Rogers remarks what an impressive hammer Thor has, asking if he could hold it. Bemused, Thor tells Mr. Rogers that he is welcome to try, though many have found it to be quite immovable, due to the fact that only those who are worthy can wield Mjolnir’s power. However, when Thor turns around to look at Rogers, he’s in for a big surprise.

Not only does Mr. Rogers hold Mjolnir over his head, but he also claims that it doesn’t seem very heavy all. Then, Mr. Rogers makes a really salient point about Thor’s hammer: he says that life is a lot like trying to lift Mjolnir. While something might be easy for one person, it could be very difficult for another.

He goes on to say that those people who are talented in other ways could probably do things that neither he nor Thor could possibly dream of. Thor agrees, humbled by the wise counsel of “Mr. Rogers of the Hood,” It’s an incredibly positive, encouraging, and uplifting little comic, and writer Matthew Wisner totally nails the spirit and personality of the iconic Mr. Rogers.

It seems doubtful that anyone would contest the idea presented here: that Mr. Rogers would be worthy enough to wield Thor’s hammer. Mr. Rogers left behind a wonderful legacy, championing things like positivity, acceptance, imagination, creativity, kindness, and spreading love instead of hate. His work on public television and his desire to teach and share with children should be commended and recognized, and even Thor seems to agree.

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