Matthew Stafford’s Wife Reveals Fiery Pregame Text

Matthew Stafford


Matthew Stafford prepares to fire the football during his Los Angeles Rams debut on Sunday, September 12, against the Chicago Bears.

We now know one motivation for Matthew Stafford before his Los Angeles Rams debut on Sunday, September 12. It came via text message before the game.

And the messenger who amped up Stafford before his 321-yard, three touchdown night against the Chicago Bears at SoFi Stadium? His wife.

Kelly Stafford revealed on her podcast show “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford” on Monday, September 13 that she sent the exact text to her husband before he went off on the Bears in the 34-14 win. The message in full read:

“Know that I understand that this is like a big leap of faith for you, but no one deserves this chance more than you, so go out, but more so go out and have some f—— fun.”

Kelly Stafford shared that part of the message near the seven minute mark of her 31 minute show on You Tube seen below.

The morning after Matthew’s first game as a ramOk real talk. Podcasts are no joke when you are doing them solo.. holy shit! So I ran out of time since Matthew and I are heading to a baseball game and I really need to work on some editing skills, but I told you guys I would do it so here it is. Hopefully…2021-09-14T00:47:55Z

Stafford’s Wife Was Misidentified During Game

Often during live broadcasts, cameras will zoom in on a certain player’s family member or spouse. In this case, the producers of Sunday Night Football made the attempt to do a split screen of Stafford and his wife.

Except the woman NBC cameras locked in on wasn’t Kelly.

And, Jennifer Hammond of Fox 2 in the Stafford’s old city of Detroit confirmed Kelly Stafford looks nothing like the woman NBC focused on during that sequence.

Stafford’s Wife Reveals Emotions Before & After the Game

Kelly Stafford, who met her husband while both were students at the University of Georgia, admitted on her podcast show that this latest version of Stafford versus the Bears – the team he played against 20 different times as a Detroit Lion – left her with a new set of emotions.

“I have never been so nervous for something,” Kelly said. “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink. I couldn’t do anything.”

But what about her husband on his official first Sunday at the new job?

“Matthew handles this pressure far better than I do,” Kelly said. “There was obviously very high expectations coming into this game and this season and he crushed it, which was so fun to watch.”

Kelly Stafford watched the game from a suite inside the Inglewood venue, which allowed fans for the first time ever for a regular season NFL game. She was inside with close friends and family members, better known as the people who saw the highest of highs and lowest of lows during Stafford’s 12 seasons in Detroit. Kelly Stafford described the moment after the 20-point win:

“Matthew comes up to the suite. Everyone throws their hands up. I mean, everyone’s emotional because everyone who’s sitting in that suite had been through the 12 years in Michigan. They came to games when there was no chance of the playoffs, we were losing but they were still at these games. These were our best friends and our families. They support us no matter what. He walked in and I know he felt it.”

On Monday morning, Kelly started her day by asking “How are you feeling?”

Stafford’s response to his wife of six years? “He turns over and gives me like this little smirk,” she said. “He’s like, ‘I think this is gonna be fun.’ I hadn’t seen that from Matthew in a very long time.”

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