Marvel's Daredevil/Wolverine Avenger Was Just MURDERED

Warning: SPOILERS for Ravencroft #3

The roster of the Avengers changes from time to time, but rest assured: there will always be a Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, or even Spider-Man somewhere in the mix. But because these staple Avengers aren’t always able to assemble, the team occasionally needs to be filled out with more… obscure heroes. And in a tragic twist of fate, one of these D-List heroes has just met a tragic end. Again.

Dennis Dunphy a.k.a. Demolition Man was created in 1985 by Mike Carlin and Ron Wilson. Originally a skilled pilot, D-Man’s known for exceptional hand to hand combat skills, superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. But it isn’t his powers that fans remember — it’s his costume, answering the age-old question: ‘what if Daredevil and Wolverine had a love child?’ Sporting a leotard reminiscent of the classic yellow and red Daredevil costume, complete with a “D” on his chest, D-Man also wears the same trademark mask of Wolverine.

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Having been homeless, an unlimited class wrestler, and an Avenger, Ravencroft #3 finds Dennis working as a security officer at the newly rebuilt Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. He even turns out to be really good at it! The issue begins with a standoff, as a prisoner manages to grab a guard’s electric baton and hold him hostage. That prisoner is revealed to be the Punisher, and he is not happy about being locked up. As his fellow security guard Taskmaster is about to take a shot to kill the Punisher and defuse the situation, D-Man steps in. Convincing Frank Castle to drop the weapon and give up is a major accomplishment — even if he had to call his employer and fellow guards the “bad guys” to do it. Dennis may be at odds with the powers that run Ravencroft (Mayor Wilson Fisk), but he admits he likes his job and feels he finally found his calling as an insane asylum guard. D-Man is happy… which makes what happens next even harder to watch.

Ravencroft is also the current home of Mr. Hyde, a giant brute of a man with a mission to kill John Jameson the Man-Wolf (another Ravencroft regular staff member). Unfortunately, an unseen figure supplies Hyde with a shiv, allowing him to escape his cell. Dennis rushes into action at the sight of John being overpowered by Mr. Hyde. He manages to save John, pushing him out of harm’s way and lunging for the shiv… but in doing so, is stabbed in the chest himself. Just when he started to get his life back on track. His day started on a high note, saving the Punisher from being shot, but the day ended up as a low point in his life – considering it was his last day. And he was finally out of that costume.

Ravencroft #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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