Mad Men: 5 Things About Sally That Would Never Fly Today (& 5 That Would)

The daughter of Don (Jon Hamm) and Betty Draper (January Jones) is definitely going to have some problems, as this difficult couple wasn’t meant to raise children. Throughout all seven seasons of Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka’s character Sally Draper is smart and not afraid to be different.

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Sally is a great Mad Men character as she isn’t the sweet, prim and proper little girl that her mother is trying to raise. It’s fascinating to see Sally become a young adult and deal with the hand that she has been dealt. While she makes some choices that would be just as scandalous today, there are a lot of things about her that would be commended.

10 Wouldn’t Fly Today: Smokes As A Child

Sally smokes Betty’s cigarettes as a child, and this would never fly today. It’s hard to imagine a parent even letting their child get a hand on a pack of cigarettes, but surely they would be stashed away.

It’s also fair to argue that more people care about their long-term health these days, as smoking is more frowned upon today than it was back in the 1960s.

9 Would: Brave And Confident

Sally’s personality would definitely be viewed in a positive manner today, as she’s brave and confident. She’s much more ready for the real world than her mom was, as Betty is still convinced that the only way to be happy and successful is to be a proper lady. Of course, Betty realizes soon enough that she’s totally bored and miserable.

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It’s fair to say that Sally was born in the wrong decade or time period, as she feels like a much more modern girl than many of the other characters.

8 Wouldn’t Fly Today: Touches Herself At A Sleepover

In the fourth season, Sally gets into big trouble for touching herself while she’s at a sleepover. It’s a big scandal back then and would still be a huge problem today. While most parents don’t want their kids to be ashamed of their bodies or physical desires, they would likely still talk to their kid about not doing this in a public setting.

7 Would: She Wants To Be Successful

When Don lets Sally in on his biggest secret (that he grew up in a whorehouse and that he’s not as perfect as everyone seems to believe), he tells her that she has to decide to be an interesting, intelligent person. He suggests that people will just see her as a pretty face unless she tries harder than that.

Sally is fine with that, as she’s got a ton of ambition. She wants to be successful and for her, that means doing the opposite of whatever her mom and dad have done. This would be considered very positive and admirable today.

6 Wouldn’t Fly Today: She Crafts Don’s Cocktails As A Child

If there’s one way to sum up Don Draper, it’s the fact that he drinks… a lot. And he’s not always the one crafting his own beverages.

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Sally actually makes some of Don’s cocktails during her childhood, which is something that would never fly today. It just seems so inappropriate, as this isn’t something that she should be involved with.

5 Would: She Hates That Her Parents Split Up

After Betty and Don get divorced, Sally goes through a lot of hardship. Some of her so-called acting out is pretty tame by today’s standards, though, as she calls her dad to talk to him and also gives herself a haircut.

It’s totally fair that Sally has difficulty accepting that her mom and dad are no longer in love, and today, more people would try to support her during this transition.

4 Wouldn’t Fly Today: She’s A Rebellious Boarding School Student

From drinking to smoking, Sally is the prime example of a rebellious girl when she goes to boarding school. She’s the one who wants to study away from home, and it might be because she wants to do whatever she wants outside of Betty’s prying eyes. This wouldn’t fly today, as there are always strict rules in environments like boarding school (or any school, really).

3 Would: She Just Wants Her Mother’s Love

When Sally figures out that her mom is going to die, she’s obviously devastated, and she gets really emotional while reading a note that Betty wrote her. She’s supposed to look at it once Betty has passed away, but she reads it much earlier, true to her rebellious spirit.

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The fact that Sally feels so much here proves that she has just wanted her mother’s love all along. This is something that would still work if this show aired today, as wanting to be loved by a parent is a timeless thing.

2 Wouldn’t Fly Today: She Skips School

Don’s second wife, Megan (Jessica Paré), is the complete opposite of Betty. She’s young, cool, and just as tough and rebellious as Sally is.

In the fifth season, Sally is with Megan and Don, and since they can’t bring her to school, she ditches. It’s crazy to imagine this being okay today, especially since Megan or Don would insist that she go.

1 Would: She Likes Megan

Even though Sally is definitely upset that her parents have broken up, she’s still pretty nice to Megan. This is another thing about Sally that would fly today, as she understands that Don has fallen in love with someone other than her mother.

Sally actually acts in a fairly mature way about Megan, a sharp contrast to some of her other behavior.

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