Leonardo DiCaprio is Probably Hooking Up with 20 Year Old Model


DiCaprio is known for dating gorgeous models around the age of 20 something. Previously the Wolf of the Wall Street star has dated models like Bar Refaeli, Nina Agdal and recently 23-year-old German model Lorena Rae.


And a few days ago on December 16, the actor was seen with the 20-year-old model Camila Morrone.

Camila is working with the company IMG Models and was born on June 16, 1997.

US Weekly says they both were spotted at Barneys in Los Angeles on this Saturday.

While Daily Mail says in their headline that Leonardo DiCaprio was seen leaving the LA house of the model.

US Weekly also says that Leo and Camila are family friends and known each other for more than ten years. Some of you might remember that DiCaprio is a good friend of Al Pacino and Camila Morrone’s mother Lucila Sola is dating him.

My Conclusion and Opinion on This

If Leo and Camila are known to each other for a long time. Then just being spotted together, doesn’t mean they are dating.

Now the websites are making headlines of them being together. It could be because spicy news sells. They are all making assumptions, and no one has claimed the dating story being true.

So, I think they are just two people who know each other and were spotted together. It doesn’t mean they are dating. They just could be hanging out.

Or they could be dating, but I really think that would be like 2% case out of 100%.

What do you say?


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