Lakers Rumored Target Makes Definitive Statement on Future

Chris Paul was not able to lead the Phoenix Suns to an NBA title this season, however, the veteran guard left no question about returning to play another year.

“It will take a while to process this and whatnot, but it’s the same mentality — get back to work,” Paul said in his postgame press conference after the Milwaukee Bucks won the title with a 105-98 victory on Tuesday. “I ain’t retiring if that’s what you’re asking. That’s out. Back to work.”

“Get back to work. I ain’t retiring…”

Chris Paul after losing Game 6.

— Dime (@DimeUPROXX) July 21, 2021

Paul has a player option for next season that he will likely opt-in for. He’s due more than $44 million if decides to.

“For me it just means back to work. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no moral victories,” Paul said. “We’ve seen what it takes to get here, and hopefully we see what it takes to get past that,” Paul told reporters.

Paul was the glue that held the Suns together this season, transforming Phoenix from a non-playoff squad to a team that was within two wins of an NBA championship. He averaged 18.8 points, 8.7 assists and shot nearly 50% from the field in the postseason.

Suns Wanted to Win Title for Chris Paul

Paul is a future Hall of Famer but a title is the lone hole on his resume. He came close a few times, but this was by far his best shot.

Suns head coach Monty Williams said he really wanted to get a title for Paul and dispel the nonsense that the 11-time All-Star is somehow not among the greats to ever play the game.

“It’s laughable when guys like Chris have these unreal careers, but then they get penalized because they didn’t win a title. That was my goal, was to win it for him a [Devin Booker],” Williams said. “Those guys have carried us all year long and Chris, this is my second time coaching him, I know what he puts into his craft and the dedication. When I hear those sentiments because of his career, because he didn’t win a championship, it’s just silly. It’s hard enough to make it to the NBA, let alone be an all-time great, which is what he is.”

“It’s laughable when you talk about guys like Chris [Paul], who’ve had these unreal careers but they get penalized because they haven’t won a title.”

Suns coach Monty Williams riding with his guy CP3.

— CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) July 21, 2021

Booker backed up the sentiment from his head coach.

“That’s complete nonsense to the real