JWoww Turned Down Hugh Heffner’s Offer

Jenni Farley, who fans know better as JWoww, owes her fame to MTV’s “Jersey Shore”.  Over the years, as her celebrity meter has skyrocketed, she has been offered a number of opportunities — one of which was to pose for Hugh Heffner’s “Playboy.”

According to CNN, Farley turned down Heffner’s $400,000 offer to be part of the magazine.

In 2011, Farley spoke to George Lopez on “Lopez Tonight” and said she didn’t think it was the “appropriate time” considering “Jersey Shore” had a younger fan base.

“There’s like 8, 9, 10-year-old fans… I don’t want them to see me in that light yet,” she said.

According to CNN, a slew of celebrities have turned down Heffner’s offer to pose for Playboy, from Lady Gaga to Melanie Brown.

The outlet reported that when Brown was offered the gig, she said, “They’re offering me a ridiculous amount of money but I’m just not ready to do it … I’ll consider it in the future when I feel the time’s right.”

And when Lindsay Lohan received the offer,  a representative of Lohan’s told Playboy, per Ace Showbiz, “If there’s nudity, then the answer’s no … She’s not going down the [New York] magazine road again.”

What was JWoww focused on instead of Playboy?

Here’s what you need to know:

JWoww & Snooki’s Spinoff Series

Around the same time that JWoww announced she would not be doing Playboy, she took an offer for another opportunity to star in a television series alongside her best friend, Nicole Polizzi, called “Snooki & JWoww”.

In June, Farley spoke to Hollywood Life about being part of the “Jersey Shore” franchise.

“Production’s been really great,” she said. “I don’t like saying COVID was a great thing to happen to me, because obviously it’s a terrible pandemic, but, fortunately, it allowed my daughter to be virtual in school, which allowed us to travel to the Poconos [this season]. I think a big problem for Nicole and I is when our kids are in school, we can’t really leave. So I just try to get ahead of it now — I send my school schedules [ahead of time], because I do want my kids to be there.”

Asked if she has any intentions of leaving the show, Farley said, “As long as production and I can work on making sure that the weeks line up where the kids can be there, I’ll be there til I’m 90!”

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

Earlier this month, People offered a sneak peek of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”, highlighting a conversation between Pauly D’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall, and Farley.

During the convo, Hall said, “I would like to get married first and then have a child. For me — I’m 28 now, but I will be 29 — I would like to get married. But if we have the same end goal and it gets there, then I don’t care if it’s 10 years from now, if it’s next week, next year, you know?”

Farley piped in, “Nope. Zack doesn’t want one more than I don’t want one!” she said, referring to her fiance, Zack Clayton Carpinello.

In June, Farley shared the news of her engagement with her “Jersey Shore” cast. The 26-year-old proposed at the Empire State Building on Farley’s birthday.

In a clip from the series, seen above, Farley shares, “He rented out the 102nd floor.” She added that she “did and did not” expect Carpinello to propose.

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