Johnny Bananas Teased Filming Dates for ‘The Challenge’ 38

Johnny Bananas Devenanzio


Johnny Bananas Devenanzio

Fans of “The Challenge” have just gotten a hint about the possible timeline for the filming of season 38 thanks to Johnny Bananas Devenanzio on the most recent episode of his podcast, “Death, Taxes and Bananas.”

His guest Derrick Kosinski was talking to Bananas about the “Challenge Mania” live shows and was inviting him to attend one coming up. He said, “We’re doing another one in Nashville, it’s completely booked up.” Bananas asked him when that one was scheduled for and added:

Cause here’s the only problem Derrick. I might be leaving here in a couple of weeks and I might be gone for a while. Not telling you where but you’ll probably find out, maybe like four months after I get back from wherever said vacation.

Derrick said everyone that is heading that way should get their “caution signs” ready. “I’d tell you where I was going but I’d have to kill you,” Bananas joked. Derrick said the dates are June 18 in New York City and July 30 in Nashville and Bananas said he wouldn’t be there for the New York City show and answered “possibly” regarding the Nashville show.

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Bananas Previously Revealed on His Podcast That He’d Like to Return for Season 38

Over the past couple of months, Bananas has been hinting at wanting to return to the flagship show and his latest comments would indicate that he’s still interested in that. He first brought it up on his podcast earlier this year when he was joined by Kyle Christie and signed off by saying, “And there’s a good chance that you’ll be seeing me back on the next ‘Challenge’ as well, there’s a little teaser for you.”

The seven-time champ made similar comments in another podcast with Emily Schromm, this time concluding, “You heard it here first, there is a good chance that you might see the two of us on the next season.” Once again, when TJ Lavin dropped by Bananas’ podcast, the two discussed the upcoming season.

Bananas told the longtime host that with many vets taking time off from the regular show, it’s like they “handed the keys to the car over to some of the new kids.” He joked that they “drove the car off the cliff” so it’s time to return and told TJ, “I think that this next season coming up, we’re gonna have a pretty strong veteran presence back on the show.”

There’s Been a Long Gap Since the Last Season But There’s a Lot of Other ‘Challenge’ Content on the Horizon

While it’s possible that Bananas was speaking about a yet-unconfirmed 4th season of “All Stars,” his comment about the amount of time required away fits more with the filming length and timeline for the flagship show. The last two seasons of “The Challenge” have taken about three months for filming each, including quarantine time.

Although it’s been a longer hiatus between seasons than usual, there is a lot of “Challenge” content on the horizon. In addition to the 3rd season of “All Stars” which is currently airing, there are four separate spinoffs of “The Challenge” that will air on their respective global networks in the near future, with a Paramount+ press release indicating that “The Challenge: CBS” will air on the streaming platform this summer.

Following those four seasons, there will be a global tournament, “The Challenge: War of the Worlds,” although there’s no timeline yet for that show’s release.

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