Jersey Shore: Jen Allegedly Bruised, Scraped After Fight with Ronnie

Jen Harley is allegedly bruised and scraped after fighting with Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. The incident occurred on October 4, which led to the reality star being tased and arrested by police.

The Los Angeles Police Department promptly issued an emergency protective order against Ortiz-Magro – which is effective until October 11 – following his arrest for the domestic violence incident against Harley. The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star must stay at least 100 yards away from his girlfriend. Harley can extend the order of protection if she wishes, but must return to court to file the motion.

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Harley was seen out and about by TMZ sporting some very intense bruises on her upper body and legs. The photos showed Harley and their daughter, Ariana, out enjoying a meal on Monday, October 7, which was three days after her fight with Ortiz-Magro. In the pictures, massive scrapes and bruises extend from her thighs to her right shoulder. TMZ reported that Harley was claiming Ortiz-Magro dragged her across the driveway of their Airbnb during an argument. The alleged physical altercation, according to Harley, happened after she was seen on a neighbor’s surveillance video looking for a place to hide with their 18-month-old daughter.

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Ortiz-Magro steadfastly disagreed with his girlfriend’s account of the incident and claimed that she injured herself after she fell backward off a fence when he was trying to take Ariana from her so that he could protect her. He claimed that Harley was using their daughter as a pawn, and dangled her over the fence, causing Ortiz-Magro to try and secure his daughter. Ortiz-Magro then claimed that Harley threw herself to the ground in a fit of rage and hung onto Ortiz-Magro as he tried to safely get back to the house, which is when, according to the reality star, she obtained the bruises on her leg. TMZ’s sources asserted that Harley had been heavily intoxicated, which is why Ortiz-Magro was concerned with his daughter’s safety.

Harley has mostly been made out to be the bad guy in the couple’s altercations, having used her car to drag Ortiz-Magro and giving him a black eye in Secaucus. Now, with these new charges against the MTV star, fans are left to question what exactly is going on between the two, as their fighting has reached a whole new level. Every blowout fight between them as seemed like rock bottom in their relationship, but, judging by this incident alone, the situation is only getting worse.

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Source: TMZ

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