Henry Cavill’s Superman Attacks Iron Man in Marvel Vs DC Crossover Art

Henry Cavill’s Superman battles Iron Man in new art pitting DC and Marvel against each other. The two heroes are a key part of their respective franchises, as leaders of the Justice League and the Avengers. Similarly, both characters’ futures are up in the air on the big screen. Their last major appearances came in team up movies, with Robert Downey Jr. starring as Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame and Cavill as Superman in Justice League. For his part, Cavill is open to reprising his role, with news breaking earlier this year he was in talks for another appearance, likely as a cameo in an upcoming DC Extended Universe film. However, even if that doesn’t come to fruition, audiences will see him in next year’s Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

Though Downey Jr.’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more limited, as Iron Man died during Avengers: Endgame, there have been rumors of another appearance. Specifically, some believe he’ll show up in Black Widow, which takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Since the movie is set before Iron Man’s death, and he has a close relationship with Natasha Romanoff, it would be a logical movie for him to appear in. Beyond that, it’s hard to know what the future holds for Iron Man, though Downey Jr. has said “anything could happen” in regards to a return to the MCU.

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Recently, artist pabloruizzx on Instagram featured both Superman and Iron Man in a piece of art. In it, Superman and Iron Man battle, with Superman appearing to have the upper hand. However, it looks too early in the fight to declare Superman the victor. The art makes for a powerful take on the DC vs. Marvel concept. Check it out below:

It’s hard to know for sure who would actually win in a fight between Superman and Iron Man. What’s more, audiences are unlikely to see it ever play out onscreen, since the characters come from different franchises. That said, Iron Man is far more reliant on technology than Superman is, which may give the Man of Steel the upper hand. However, Iron Man has proven himself against incredibly powerful enemies, most notably Thanos, which could spell trouble for Superman. Though it may seem odd to see the two heroes fighting, Captain America: Civil War showed Iron Man isn’t afraid of tangling with a beloved figure.

Hypothetical fights between Marvel and DC heroes are particularly interesting because there’s no real way of knowing who would win. This allows fans to show off their knowledge of two characters in order to debate who would come out on top. In fact, Iron Man was the subject of another recent piece of DC vs. Marvel fan art, though in that case he battled Batman. Iron Man‘s placement in both of these pieces shows what an important Marvel hero he is and suggests he’s more of a formidable force than Cavill’s Superman may have anticipated.

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Source: pabloruizzx/Instagram

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