Hartford Clark’s Godfather Roasted Over Instagram Bio

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark

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Hartford Clark’s godfather gets roasted online.

Stassi Schroeder and her husband Beau Clark are parents to a 1-year-old named Hartford. The former “Vanderpump Rules” stars chose people very close to them to be Hartford’s godparents. Stassi’s best friend Katie Maloney is the baby’s godmother while Beau’s longtime friend Rob Evors is Hartford’s godfather — Katie and Rob also served as maid of honor and best man in Stassi and Beau’s wedding in Italy.

At some point, Rob changed his Instagram bio to reflect his title. “Proud Godfather of Hartford Charlie Rose,” a line read, according to a screenshot provided by a Reddit user. The Redditor used the photo to kick off a new thread titled “I’m sorry but does anyone else think it’s kind of bizarre that Beau’s best friend has that he is Hartford’s godfather in his bio.”

The comments section quickly filled with more than 200 comments from VPR fans who agreed with the original poster — and then another thread was started after Rob removed the line from his Instagram bio.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Criticized Rob for Having the Line About Being Hartford’s Godfather in His Instagram Bio

Rob is indeed a very proud godfather and shared a sweet photo of Hartford along with a lengthy caption in honor of her first birthday.

“Happy 1st birthday to my BEAUTiful baby Goddaughter!! Hartford, I am so so lucky to have been asked to be a part of your life forever, and so blessed to have you as a part of mine. I can’t wait to watch you grow up, learn lessons and ask questions, and I’m so privileged to be a person who can be there for you when you do. You are already an extraordinary little girl, And I know that this birthday is just the beginning of at least 100 more, and I hope I get to celebrate at least half of those with you. Love you always, your Godfather,” he wrote.

While most comments on Rob’s Instagram post were positive, several “Vanderpump Rules” fans found couldn’t get over his bio.

“He takes godfathering very seriously,” one comment read.

“Ummm yes wtf? That’s so weird to even mention someone else’s child in your bio,” another Redditor wrote.

“I was gonna say yes it’s weird until I saw all the random other minor connections to fame he has listed in his bio. It’s still weird, but just in a sad way rather than a creepy way,” someone else added.

“That’s the weirdest thing EVER,” a fourth person commented.

Rob Has Removed the Line From His Bio & Some People Think the Reddit Thread Influenced the Change

A short time after the initial Reddit thread about Rob’s Instagram bio gained traction, someone noticed that he removed the line about Hartford from his account. This caused another Reddit thread to start.

“Omfg. Hartford’s godfather changed his bio maybe after seeing the recent post on here??? oops,” the new thread is titled.

Several people took to the comments, convinced that Rob changed his bio after reading through the initial thread.

“It’s actually pretty funny that they come over here and read this sub. I wonder how many cast members really do this,” one person wrote.

“He added the angel emoji after the ‘about 37 other shows’ lol he totally saw,” someone else said.

“What else can we do to make a better world?” a third Redditor joked.

“Idk the fact that he changed it after that post makes it more embarrassing. It would’ve been less weird if he just kept it up,” a fourth comment read.

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