GTA Parent Company Set to Release 93 Games Over the Next 5 Years

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto developer and publisher Rockstar Games, is set to release 93 games over the next five years. A recent Take-Two earnings report detailed a possible release window for Grand Theft Auto 6, though, nothing has been confirmed by the company. After Take-Two’s co-dominance of the market with Grand Theft Auto 5 over the last decade alongside Activision’s Call of Duty, the company is likely ready to continue that trend with the release of GTA 6 on next-gen consoles.

Furthering its commitment to continuing various franchises and unique projects, Take-Two also recently renewed a near-forgotten trademark that stirred excitement among GTA fans. Leaks regarding GTA 6 also claim feedback on Red Dead Redemption 2 slowed down production. Official information surrounding the franchise’s latest installment has been minimal at best, though, fan theories and hopes for the resurrection of certain types of content have circulated the internet.

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Based on the recap of the recent investor’s briefing on Fool Transcripts, Take-Two Interactive plans to release 93 games over the next five years, as stated by the company’s president Karl Slatoff. Breaking down the types of releases, Slatoff said 63 of the games will be “core” games – 15 of which will be released on new platforms. Furthermore, 17 games will be of the arcade variety, and 13 will be more casual. Among these new titles, 47 will continue ongoing franchises while 46 will be new intellectual properties. “72 games will be on console, PC, and/or streaming while 21 are mobile games.” There will be both paid games (67) and free-to-play titles (26), which means that there will be five free-to-play games on console and PC.

Slatoff mentions the possibility that not every game comprising the 93 planned titles will see a release date in the next five years, whether because of development issues or being cancelled due to the prioritization of bigger titles, such as the rumored GTA 6 or new IPs. The Take-Two president also suggests new projects may arise that override some of the smaller ones, thereby pushing back the releases of lesser known games.

While 93 games over five years sounds ambitious, taking into consideration the different platforms for gaming makes this goal more understandable and achievable. The Mafia Trilogy had already been announced and is set to release in August, and the NBA 2K series sees a new entry launched every year, similar to EA’s Madden NFL franchise.

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Grand Theft Auto debuted in 1997 on Mac, PC, and Sony PlayStation.

Source: Fool Transcripts

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