Ghost of Tsushima: Can You Keep Playing After The Story?

Sucker Punch Productions is gearing up to release Ghost of Tsushima on July 17th, 2020, and new details of the game have been unveiled ahead of its debut, including information about the game’s environment and open world design. The game promises to offer an expansive open world that’s available to explore even after the story is completed.

Ghost of Tsushima’s story takes place in the 11th century. Players will assume the role of the samurai Jin Sakai, who begins the game by riding into battle against the Mongol Empire army as they attempt to invade the Japanese island of Tsushima. Reviews for Ghost of Tsushima have compared the game to other open world adventure titles like Assassin’s Creed, and many of them are quite positive about the overall experience the game provides.

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Ghost of Tsushima offers players a lot of different opportunities for customization throughout its story campaign, including different outfits that offer various tactical advantages. While the samurai armor takes less damage, for instance, the Ronin robes are best for stealth. Players can pick up items throughout the game, providing even more options for customization and improved skills. Thankfully, all this customization won’t go to waste, as players can keep exploring Ghost of Tsushima’s open world after the game’s main story is over.

But it’s not just the intricate storyline or opportunities for customization that make this game promising. It’s not even the incredible graphics that promise to end the PS4 generation on a high note. Rather, one of the best elements of Ghost of Tsushima will be its intuitive open world, which is why it’s a good things players can explore it for as long as they like. The developers have tried to recreate the historical setting with as much accuracy as possible, from the landscape to the appearances and behaviors of NPCs.

One of the coolest features to utilize will be navigation. Once players select a spot on the map, the gusts of wind in Ghost of Tsushima will guide them in the direction of their destination. Similarly, small animals like foxes and birds will lead them to unassuming spots filled with items to collect. There will also be a plethora of side missions to complete that allow players to interact with NPCs, and their variety promises it won’t be too repetitive.

The open world is expansive to an impressive degree, and this allows players to double their gameplay time, as the story campaign only represents a small portion of what’s available to do in the game. Wandering through the mesmerizing forests and fields alongside the top-notch graphics will feel exhilarating in itself, and it provides a different sort of satisfaction than the combat side of the action-adventure game. Players can expect to be so consumed with the open-world that they may be distracted from playing the main story. But with the island of Tsushima available to be explored even after the story ends, players don’t need to worry about missing out on anything. Ghost of Tsushima’s open world environment will keep gamers playing well after they complete the game’s story.

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