Future of Lakers’ $189 Million Superstar Brought into Question

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers


Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t boast a roster that is built for the future, in fact, anything beyond the end of the upcoming season is looking rather murky.

In the immediate, you have the Russell Westbrook saga to deal with, and then there’s LeBron James’ impending free agency, and on top of all that you have the questions surrounding Anthony Davis’ ability to remain healthy throughout a season.

The first two of those concerns can be resolved quite quickly, but Davis’ is a whole other story. Since joining the Lakers in 2020, Davis has participated in a total of 138 regular season games – less than 50% of what his team has played in that time. Yet, the Kentucky alum still has another two years remaining on his current contract, so it’s hard to see the Lakers parting ways with him any time soon.

However, according to a Western Conference Executive, who spoke with Heavy.com under the condition of anonymity, there are members of the Lakers front office that would prefer to explore trading the oft-injured big man, as the team looks to build for the future.

“A lot of that depends on where LeBron winds up. If he stays in Los Angeles and he stays a Laker, he had a lot personally invested in AD being there so, yes, in that case, Davis stays. But it is not a sure thing. There are some in that organization who would not mind seeing what they can bring back for AD